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Forget your Bike Certification Passport? Use a handy smartphone app to collect stamps.

These days, you’re not complete without your smartphone. That’s good news if you forget or lose your Bike Passport. There’s a smartphone app that offers an alternative.

The app lets you collect certification stamps at Certification Centers (red stamp booths), and provides a virtual copy of your Bike Passport, a bicycle map, and more.

자전거 행복나눔
(Bicycle Happiness Sharing App)


Hold up! Before you read on, you’ll need a phone number to create an account, which requires Korean citizenship or an Alien Registration Card (ARC).

If you’re on a tourist visa, don’t fret. The hard copy Bike Passport doesn’t require an account or internet. Visit our Certification Guide to learn how to buy, stamp, and collect your awards.

Have an ARC or resident registration number? Proceed.

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