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Forget your Bike Certification Passport? Use a handy smartphone app to collect stamps.

These days, you’re not complete without your smartphone. That’s good news if you forget or lose your Bike Passport. There’s a smartphone app that offers an alternative.

The app lets you collect certification stamps at Certification Centers (red stamp booths), and provides a virtual copy of your Bike Passport, a bicycle map, and more.

자전거 행복나눔
(Bicycle Happiness Sharing App)


Hold up! Before you read on, you’ll need a phone number to create an account, which requires Korean citizenship or an Alien Registration Card (ARC).

If you’re on a tourist visa, don’t fret. The hard copy Bike Passport doesn’t require an account or internet. Visit our Certification Guide to learn how to buy, stamp, and collect your awards.

Have an ARC or resident registration number? Proceed.

Set Up the App

To set up the app, first buy a hard copy Bike Passport.

How do I do that?

Visit a Staffed Certification Center (유인인증센터) on the bike path or buy a Bike Passport online, which again requires a domestic phone number and ARC.

Bike Passports go for ₩4,000. Paper maps cost an extra ₩500.

Staffed Certification Centers

What’s a “Staffed Certification Center?” The Four Rivers Restoration Project paired weirs with nearby cultural/management buildings.

Outside each rests a Certification Center. Inside sit exhibition halls, convenience stores, and workers that sell and certify Bike Passports. Hence, “Staffed Certification Centers.”

A picture of Changnyeong Haman Weir (창녕함안보) on the Nakdong River from the Nakdonggang Bike Path.
Staffed Certification Centers are management buildings near Certification Centers (stamp booths) that sell and certify Bike Passports.

Below, find a partial list of Bike Passport stores. Find a complete list on the Certification Centers page. 

Serial Number

Good! You bought a Bike Passport. Open that sucker up.

Inside the front cover, find a barcode and a thirteen-character string of numbers and letters. This is your Bike Passport’s SERIAL NUMBER.

  • BK201712050, for example.

This serial number links your hard copy Bike Passport with your smartphone app.

For example, let’s say you collect a few stamps in your hard copy Bike Passport but not on your smartphone app. Swing by a Staffed Certification Center and get those stamps verified and keyed into the system. Those same ink stamps will pop-up virtually in your smartphone app.

Download the App

Next, download the app for your smartphone. The app is called “자전거 행복나눔” (“Bicycle Happiness Sharing”). There are versions for Android and Apple OSs.

자전거 행복나눔
(Bicycle Happiness Sharing App)

Create an Account

Before you can use the app, you need to create an account by clicking “회원가입” on either the Bicycle Happiness Sharing website (자전거행복나눔) or the app’s login screen.

Here are two immovable roadblocks!

  1. You’ll need a Korean phone number to verify your identity.
  2. The sign-up forms are all written in Korean.

Don’t fret. We’ll guide you through it.

Verify Your Identity

A screenshot of the verify your identity screen on Korea's Bike Passport app.
Enter info to verify your identity when setting up the Bike Passport app.

To stop fake accounts, many Korean websites and online retailers ask users to verify their identity before creating an account. Bicycle Happiness Sharing is no different.

Let’s start!

Navigate to the website’s sign-up page or tap “회원가입” (create an account) on the app’s login screen.

Click the checkbox next to “전체 필수 약관 및 이용 제공에 동의합니다” and agree to all terms and conditions. 

Then press the blue button labeled “14세 이상 회원가입” or “I am age 14 or older.”

The next screen explains the identity verification process. Tap the blue “SMS 인증 받기” or “Text message verification” button at the bottom of the screen and up pops a pop-up.

Click the four checkboxes at the top of the screen to allow them to use your personal info. Then fill out the form fields.

  1. “이름” — Enter your name.
  2. Tap the drop-down next to “이름.” Select “내국인” for “Korean” or “외국인” for “foreigner.”
  3. “생년월일” — Enter your date of birth, which goes YEAR/MONTH/DAY.
  4. “휴대폰 번호” — Enter your mobile phone number.
  5. “통신사” — select your service provider (SKT, KT, LGU+) from the drop-down.

Now press the “확인” (confirm) button.

Receive a verification text. Type it into the next screen.

Identity verified!

Set Up Your Account

A screenshot of the registration page for Korea's bike passport app.
To register for the Bike Passport app, enter a username, your passport registration number, and more.

Now you can set up your Bicycle Happiness Sharing account.

First, enter more info, including your Bike Passport’s SERIAL NUMBER.

  • “성명” — Enter your name.
  • “아이디” — Enter a username. 6~20 English letters and numbers. (e.g. koreabybike135).
  • “비밀번호” — Enter a password. 8~20 English letters, numbers, and special characters (e.g. koreabybike#1).
  • “비밀번호 확인” — Retype your password to verify.
  • “종주 수첩 인증 번호” — Enter your Bike Passport SERIAL NUMBER (e.g. BK201712050).
  • “성별” — Select your gender. “남자” for man. “여자” for woman.
  • “출생년도” — Enter your birth year.
  • “거주지역” — Enter your address
    • “시/도” — city/province
    • “시/군/구” — city/county/district

Tap “가입완료” to complete the registration.

Use the App

You spun past all those roadblocks! Phew. Now let’s try the app out.

Login Screen

A screenshot of the 자전거 행복나눔 (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) smartphone app.
The Bicycle Happiness Sharing app’s login screen.

At the login screen (로그인), enter your username and password.

  • “아이디” — ID or username
  • “비밀번호” — password
  • Press the “자동로그인” check mark box to login automatically next time.
  • Tap the “회원가입” to create an account (you already did that).
  • Hit the “아이디 / 비밀번호 찾기” button if you forgot your username and/or password.

Grant Access

When you first log onto the app, a pop-up will ask you to grant the “자전거 행복 나눔” (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) app a few permissions.

To receive a virtual certification stamp, your phone must connect to the internet. And most Certification Centers don’t live near Wi-Fi hotspots. So you must grant the app access to your mobile data.

Take the App Tour

You’re in! Open the app.

First things first. Language settings. There’s one. You guessed it. Korean.

Don’t worry. Common sense rules on this app. Designers made the most important bits accessible and added helpful icons that hop the language barrier.

First, let’s glance at the home screen. Then tour the app’s other functions.

Want to learn how to grab virtual certification stamps right away? Click here to go straight to the Cyber Certification (사이버 인증) section.

Home Screen

A screenshot of the 자전거 행복나눔 (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) smartphone app.
The app’s home page displays a simple four button layout.

The Bicycle Happiness Sharing app’s home screen features four buttons, each leading to its four main sections. They read:

Let’s tap on the first button on the top left, “사이버 인증” or “Cyber Authentication.”

Cyber Certification

사이버 인증
A screenshot of the 자전거 행복나눔 (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) smartphone app.
The “My Certification Records” section of the app mirrors the Certification Sticker and Stamp pages in your hard copy Bike Passport.

Welcome to your virtual Bike Passport. This section of the app lists your Certification Achievements, as well as a replica of your hard copy Bike Passport, a QR code scanner, and a How-To Guide.

First, find a green quick-link menu at the bottom of the screen. Just like the home screen, its four buttons navigate to the app’s four main sections: Cyber Certification, Bike Path Guide, Info Yard, Preferences.

Spot two tabs at the top of the screen. They read:

  • “나의 인증기록” — My Certification Records
  • “QR 인증 코드” — QR Certification Shooting

Let’s explore this first tab, “나의 인증기록” (“My Certification Records”).

My Certification Records

나의 인증 기록 확인
A screenshot of the stamp pages in the 자전거 행복나눔 (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) app.
The stamp pages on the app look just like the stamp pages in your hard copy Bike Passport.

The “나의 인증 기록 확인” or “My Certification Records” displays an almost exact copy of the Certification Sticker and Stamp pages in your hard copy Bike Passport.

The first two pages display spots for Certification Stickers: both for individual Bike Paths and Special Routes (Cross-Country, 4 Rivers, Grand Slam).

When incomplete, a counter under the empty sticker slot shows how many Certification Centers you’ve gained towards the achievement (e.g. 75/85). When complete, a virtual Certification Sticker will appear.

The remaining pages in the “My Certification Records” section display the Bike Passport’s stamp pages. These pages display maps of the bike paths. Certification Centers are shown as gray circles.

After you visit a Certification Center, a virtual stamp will appear over the corresponding gray circle.

One more trick!

Titled “Each course bicycle path” or “구간별 종주,” the second page in “My Certification Records” acts as a quick links section. Tap on any of the Bike Path Sticker slots (filled in or not). It’ll shoot you to the matching bike path stamp page.

Here are the Bike Paths on the “구간별 종주” page.

QR Certification

(QR 인증 코드)
A screenshot of the 자전거 행복나눔 (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) smartphone app showing the QR Authentication Shooting screen.
The “QR Certification Shooting” in the “My Certification Records” allows riders to scan Certification Center QR codes and receive virtual stamps.

Now select the second tab at the top of the “My Certification Records” screen, labeled “QR 인증 코드” or “QR Certification Shooting.” 

You can get your virtual stamp using this tab if you can’t or won’t grant the app access to your phone’s GPS.

Give the app permission to use your phone’s camera. It will open and overlay it with a QR scanning box.

Inside any Certification Center, find a QR code and hover your phone’s QR scanning box over it. No need to press a button.

A text and voice notification will announce “인증 정보 자동 등록이 완료되었습니다.” Translation: “Certification complete.”

Navigate to the “My Certification Records” tab to see your new virtual certification stamp on your virtual Bike Passport.

The QR code doesn’t work?

You’ve got one of two problems.

  • You’re not connected to the internet. Troubleshoot by turning on and off your mobile data.
  • The elements or careless riders damaged the Certification Center’s QR code.

GPS Certification

A picture of the Musim Cheon Bridge Certification Center (무심천교 인증센터) along the Ocheon Bike Path in South Korea.
Grant GPS permission to the app and it will automatically register a cyber stamp if you ride within 40 meters of any Certification Center.

Is the QR code scared, inked, or faded? There’s another way to get a virtual certification stamp.

Turn on your GPS and give the Bicycle Happy Sharing app permission to use it.

Next, open the app, keep it running in the background, and ride within a 40-meter radius (130 feet) of any Certification Center.


A notification box pop-up on your phone declaring:

  • “알림 메시지” — Notification message
  • “[안동댐 인증센터]” — “[the Certification Center’s name]”
  • “인증 정보 자동 등록이 완료되었습니다.” — “Certification is complete.”

Press “확인” to dismiss the box, then navigate to the “My Certification Records” tab and gaze upon your glorious new certification stamp.

Note! If the QR code is damaged, you can’t use your GPS, or you don’t have your hard copy Bike Passport, snap a photo of you and your bike in front of the Certification Center. The certifiers at the Staffed Certification Center (유인인증센터) will accept it as proof.

Certification Guide

A screenshot of the 자전거 행복나눔 (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) smartphone app.
A screenshot of the app’s Certification Guide

The Cyber Certification Guide offers one more feature.

Tap the button in the top right corner of the screen labeled “자동인증안내” or “Automatic Certification Guide.”

Up pops a guide to the virtual certification process. Though I covered the procedures above, find this guide’s seven steps below.

  1. Buy a Bike Passport from a Staffed Certification Center or online. (“국토종주 자전거길 인증수첩 구매.”)
  2. Create an account on the Bicycle Happiness Sharing website and register your Bike Passport with its SERIAL NUMBER. (“행복나눔 홈페이지 회원가입 및 수첩번호 등록.”)
  3. Download and install the Bicycle Happiness Sharing app (Android; Apple iOS). (“모바일앱 다운로드 및 설치.”) 
  4. Get your certification stamp by GPS or scan the QR code inside a Certification Center. (“자동인증. / QR코드 인증.”)
  5. See if you received the Certification stamp by checking the app or logging into your account on the Bicycle Happiness Sharing website. (“사이버인증 정보 조회.”)
  6. Print out your records from your Bicycle Happiness Sharing account. Visit a Staffed Certification Center and let workers review the results. (“사이버 종주 확인서 출력.”)
  7. View your awards on the Bicycle Happiness Sharing app or website. If you completed a Special Route, wait for your Certificate of Completion to come in the mail. (“자전거길 종주인증센터.”)

Bike Path Guide

(자전거길 안)
A screenshot of the 자전거 행복나눔 (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) smartphone app.
The “Bike Path Guide” shows a map of every Certification Bike Path and stamp booth in the nation.

Glance at the green quick-link menu at the bottom of the screen. Tap the second button labeled “자전거길 안” or “Bike Path Guide.”

Up pops a map of South Korea.

Hey! This map looks familiar.

It runs on Naver Maps, one of Korea’s two biggest web maps. Spot the Naver Corp symbol on the screen’s bottom right corner.

The Bicycle Happiness Sharing app pares down Naver Maps’ features to just a handful of functions. Let’s explore them.

Bicycle Path Map

A screenshot of the 자전거 행복나눔 (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) smartphone app.
Tap “자전거길,” select a bike path, and the map will zoom in and highlight it in red.

The blue lines snaking through the map represent the Certification Bike Paths. Those yellow pinpoints. They’re every Certification Center (stamp booth) in the nation.

Click on any Certification Center pinpoint and a pop-up will show its category (구분), address (주소), and contact info (연락처). At the top, find the Certification Center’s name and its distance from your current location (if you give the app GPS permission).

Here’s a rundown of the map’s other functions.

  • The blue dot on the map shows your present location.
  • The reticle on the bottom left corner will orient the map to your location.
  • Tap the satellite in the top right corner to switch to a satellite view.

The Top Tabs

Two more useful tidbits. Glance just above the map and find two buttons:

  • “자전거길” or “Bicycle Paths”
  • “주변안내” or “Nearby Information”
Bicycle Paths

Press the “자전거길” or “Bicycle Paths” button and discover a list of every Certification Bicycle Path in the country.

Tap one and the map will zoom in and highlight your chosen bike path in red. The other bike paths remain blue.

Here’s the list of bicycle paths:

Nearby Information
A screenshot of Korea's bike passport app showing the amenities menu in the maps section.
Open the “주변안내” list to show nearby bike path amenities like bathrooms and bike pumps on the map.

Now try the second button on top of the map. Press “주변안내” or “Nearby Information.”

Find a list of categories with check marks next to them:

  • “화장실” — bathrooms
  • “공기주입기” — air pump
  • “급수대” — water fountain
  • “주변자전거길” — additional bike paths 
  • “지역상세정보 (식당, 숙박…)” — nearby information (restaurants, accommodations)

Press the check mark next to the categories to view them on the map.

Two notes.

  1. The “주변자전거길” or “additional bike paths” switches on and off Naver Maps’ red bicycle path lines. They aren’t certification bike paths, but local or regional cycling roads.
  2. The “지역상세정보 (식당, 숙박…)” or “Nearby Info” category doesn’t affect the map at all. Naver Maps displays nearby attractions by default.
Report a Problem
A screenshot of the 자전거 행복나눔 (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) smartphone app.
The “Bike Path Guide’s” “자전거길 신고” button lets you report any problems with the bike path or stamp booths.

One more feature in this “Bike Path Guide” section. Glance to the top right corner of the screen. Tap the button with a phone symbol named “자전거길 신고” or “Report the Bike Paths.”

Up pops a box titled “자전거길 이용 관련 불편 신고” or “Report inconveniences on the bike paths.” Inside it find three links.

Here’s what they do:

  • The “국토종주길 인증센터” or “Cross-Country Bike Paths Certification Center” links you to a page on the Bicycle Happiness Sharing website where you can report problems with any Certification Center (e.g. no ink or stamp; faded QR code).
  • Press the “국토종주길 유용정보 공유” or “Share Useful Info About the Cross-Country Path” to visit another page on the Bicycle Happiness Sharing website. Here you can post community updates and tips about the cycling paths.
  • Tap the “기타 자전거 생활불편 신고” or “Report Other Inconveniences” to go to the Safety E-Report app (Google Play; App Store; 안전신문고). The app lets you report parking violations, public safety hazards, and more to local municipalities.

Information Yard

(정보 마당)

Now let’s take a tour of the third section of the app. Tap the “정보 마당” or “Information Yard” button on the green quick-link menu at the bottom of the screen.

Find a horizontal list of four tabs at the top of the next screen. Each tab provides information about Korea’s bicycle paths.

Let’s dig in, tab-by-tab.


A screenshot of the 자전거 행복나눔 (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) smartphone app.
The “공지사항” or “Notice” section of the app’s “Information Yard” gives updates about the bike paths.

The first tab in the “Information Yard” section reads “공지사항” or “Notice.”

Below the heading “자전거 행복 나눔 뉴스 / 공지 목록입니다” or “Bicycle Happiness Sharing News / Announcement List” sit two dropdown boxes. They allow you to search for news and announcements about almost every bike path in Korea.

  • “자전거길 구” — bike path category
  • “전체” — all categories
  • “국토종주 자전거길” — certification bike paths
  • “지자체 명품 자전거길” — local bike paths
  • “바다를 품은 섬 자전거길 23선” — 23 island bike paths
  • “기타” — et cetera
  • “분” — pick a specific bike path within the category above

The “Notice” tab’s second set of boxes allow you to search for news and announcements by division (구분), title (제목), writer (작성자), content (내용), or “all” (전체).

The bottom portion of the page displays a news feed.

Bicycle Safety Rules

(자전거 안전이용수칙)

A screenshot of the 자전거 행복나눔 (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) smartphone app.The second tab in the “Information Yard” reads “자전거 안전이용수칙” or “Safety Rules for Bikes.” This page runs through Korea’s bicycle laws and safety tips, which I also cover here.

Written in Korean, a few key points covered include:

  • Using your bike safely.
  • Preparing your bike for rides.
  • Dealing with accidents.

Bicycle Information in Daily Life

(생활 속 자전거 정보)

Press the third tab, titled “생활 속 자전거 정보” or “Bicycle Information in Daily Life” in the “Information Yard.”

Find a grid of boxes with every South Korean province and metropolitan city. Tap a municipality and below unfurls a list of its local cycle-related agencies, from path maintainers to bike renters.

Privacy Statement

(개인 정보 취급 방침)

A screenshot of the 자전거 행복나눔 (Bicycle Happiness Sharing) smartphone app.The “Information Yard’s” final tab is titled “개인 정보 취급 방침” or “Privacy Statement.”

In brief, the statement reads:

Bicycle Happiness Sharing website complies with personal information protection regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Act and has the following personal information handling policies…


A screenshot of the privacy setting page on Korea's bike passport app.
The “환경설정” or “Preferences” section of the app lets you modify your information and more.

Tap the last button on the green quick-link menu at the bottom of the screen. Titled “환경설정” or “Preferences,” here you can change your personal information and app settings.

In the first section, labeled “기본정보” or “Basic Information,” tap the green “수정하기” button to change your info in the below categories:

  • “이름” — your name
  • “아이디” — your ID or username
  • “전화번호” — your phone number
  • “수첩번호” — your bike passport’s SERIAL NUMBER

Find two switches below the “Basic Information” section.

  • Turn on “자동 로그인 설정” to login to your account automatically when you open the app.
  • Turn on “절전기능 설정” to enter save power when using the app.

The button on the bottom of the screen reads “회원정보 2주년 재동의” or “Re-agree 2nd Anniversary of Membership Information.”

What does that mean?

Legally, the Bicycle Happiness Sharing website and app can keep your personal info for two years. So they must delete your account and its information if you do not re-consent to them storing your details.

How do I re-consent?

Click the green “회원정보 2주년 재동의.” Read the text on the next screen, then tap the green button at the bottom of the screen.