The Grand Slam Tour​

The Grand Slam Tour​

A transportation guide to collecting all of Korea’s certification bike path stamps on one grand tour.
A picture of Yeouido Certification Center (여의도 인증센터) in Yeouido Hangang Park (여의도한강공원) in Seoul, South Korea.
Yeouido Certification Center sits along the bike path in front of the National Assembly Building in Yeouido Hangang Park.
  1. Begin at the Ara West Sea Lock (map).
  2. Collect a stamp at the Ara Hangang Lock Certification Center (map), the end of the Ara Bike Path.
  3. Cycle from the Ara Bike Path directly onto the Hangang Bike Path.

Read more about how to get to the Ara Bike Path and Hangang Bike Path.

  1. Collect a stamp at the Chungju Dam Certification Center (map), the end of the Hangang Bike Path.
  2. Cycle from the Hangang Bike Path directly onto the Saejae Bike Path.

Chungju Dam Stamp

The Chungju Dam Certification Center (map) doesn’t connect with the Saejae Bicycle Path. You need to travel about 19 extra kilometers to collect it (directions).

You don’t need the Chungju Dam stamp to complete the Cross-Country Certification. However, you need it for the Hangang Bike Path and Grand Slam Certifications.

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