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Ara Gimpo Passenger Terminal

Ara Bike Path
Learn about the Ara Gimpo Passenger Terminal, which launches cruises along the Ara Canal.

The Ara Gimpo Passenger Terminal (아라김포여객터미널; map) is the Ara Waterway’s main cruise terminal and an architectural highlight. Named after Gimpo City, the terminal’s jagged, metal and glass structure rises along the northern banks of the canal near the Han River.

The Hyundai Cruise departs the Ara Gimpo Terminal. It’s sixty-six meters long, four deck tall ship cruises up and down the canal and Han River. Its 90 to 120 minute cruises pass Sicheon Waterside Park, Ara West Sea Lock, and Yeouido Island in downtown Seoul.

The Ara Marina (김포마리나; map) rests next door to the Ara Gimpo Passenger Terminal. Here, private owners can store and launch their vessels, including sailboats, speed boats, and paddle boards.