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Gyeongin Ara Passenger Terminal

Ara Bike Path
Learn about the Gyeongin Ara Passenger Terminal, a terminal and tower near the Yellow Sea.

The Gyeongin Ara Passenger Terminal (경인아라뱃길여객터미널; map) are a pair of buildings that hang near the start of the Ara Bike Path, where the Ara Waterway spills into the Yellow Sea. A sweeping white beam resembling a ship’s sail connects the structures.

Passengers visit the west building to buy cruise tickets that sail the Ara Waterway and beyond.

Gyeongin Port Integration Operation Center (경인항 통합운영센터; map) occupies the east building. Open 9 AM to 6 PM, the center holds a convenience store, small museum, and a place to buy and certify your bike passport.

The Ara Observation Tower (아라타워; map), a twenty-four-story lookout deck, pokes out the top of the Operation Center. Visitors can take an elevator up, sip coffee, eat dinner, or view the sunset on the Yellow Sea.