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Sicheon Waterside

Ara Bike Path
Learn about the Sicheon Waterside, a park and rec area along the Ara Canal.

Sicheon Waterside Park (시천가람터; map) sits a third of the way down the Ara Bike Path. The park straddles both sides of the Ara Waterway. Sicheon Bridge (시천교; map; road view) leaps over the canal and connects the park’s north and south areas.

The north side of Sicheon Park starts on the canal at a cafe and meeting space named Geomam Gyeong Culture Center (검암경서생활문화센터; map; road view). The park then runs inland on walking paths through green spaces and by sculptures.

On the south side of the Ara Canal, Sicheon Park holds an expansive patio highlighted by a large cyclist sculpture painted with clouds. You can also find bike rental shops, miniature Dutch windmills (road view), and patio swings. A waterside amphitheater often holds performances.