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Ara Bike Path
Learn about Suhyangwon, a modern resting pavilion with an ancient design.

Suhyangwon (수향원; map; road view) is a pavilion complex sitting beside the Ara Waterway. Completed in 2012, designers built this public space together with the canal.

While constructed with modern tech, pavilions from the Joseon Dynasty (1392 ~ 1897) inspired the design of Suhyangwon’s structures.

  • Suhyangwon’s elongated courtyard contains a large raised pavilion named Suhyangru.
  • Three traditional gates and three smaller pavilions spread out around it.
  • Suhyangru’s octagonal roof and eaves represent a bird taking flight.

Visitors can remove their shoes, climb on large pavilion’s deck, and listen to the murmuring canal waters or view Gyeyang Mountain (계양산; map) rising in the south.