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Mangsang Beach

Gangwon Bike Path

Mangsang Beach (망상해변; map) sits along National Route 7 on Donghae City’s northern border with Gangeung City.

One of Donghae’s most prized natural landmarks, and praised for its beauty by famed Joseon Dynasty poet Jeong Cheol (정철; 1536 ~ 1594), who often held lectures on the beach, Mangsang Beach meanders over 2 kilometers along the East Sea.

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With a depth of about a meter, its waters accommodate a wide swath of folks in summer months, from families to couples to retirees. Like many of Korea’s east coast beaches, a dense pine forest sits just behind its sandy shores, offering shade to campers and day-tenters.

Mangsang Auto Camping Resort

Mangsang Auto Camping Resort (망상오토캠핑리조트; map) is a sprawling 115,850-square-meter campsite along Mangsang Beach. Korea’s first automobile-only campground, it is decked out in facilities, including playgrounds, walking trails, and a convention center.

In 2002, the resort hosted the 64th World Camping and Caravanning Rally, which was established in 1933 in England. The event marked the campground as one of the premier destinations for auto-camping in Korea. Now the campsite draws an average of 180,000 visitors annually. 

A massive wildfire in April 2019 destroyed 80% of the campgrounds lodgings, ravaged 43,000 square meters of dense pine forests, and caused ₩35 billion ($26 mil) in damages. However, by the following year, Donghae City rebuilt and updated the campgrounds facilities.

Accommodation Types

You don’t need a car to stay at the Mangsang Auto Camping Resort. The campsite offers everything from a simple platform to modern accommodations with showers and TVs.

  • Traditional Hanok House
    • Free-standing houses with hip and gable roofs like traditional hanok houses. Inside, find modern facilities, including bathroom, kitchen, TV, air conditioning and more.
    • ₩240,000 during high season.
  • Deunbada (Close to Sea), Heoheobada (Vast Sea), Nanbada (Rough Sea)
    • Two-story rooms in a pension-style, freestanding cabins next to the beach. Beds, kitchens, bathrooms.
    • Room sizes accommodate 2 to 10 people.
    • ₩120,000 ~ ₩150,000 on weekdays; ₩200,000 ~ ₩250,000 during peak season.
  • Caravan
    • Pre-installed camping trailer that can accommodate 6 people. TV, microwave, bathroom, etc.
    • ₩130,000 on weekdays; ₩200,000 during peak season.
  • Cabin House
    • Pension-style wooden cabin with outdoor deck, kitchen, bedroom/living room, and attic. Accommodates four.
    • ₩80,000 on weekdays; ₩180,000 during peak season.
  • Auto Camping Site
    • Parking and wooden platforms for vehicles camping. Electricity, communal shower, and toilets are available.
    • ₩25,000 on weekdays; ₩50,000 during peak season.
  • Glamping
    • Modern igloo-shaped structures that hold two to four people. Inside, find TV, electricity, running water, and more.
    • ₩70,000 on weekdays; ₩140,000 during peak season.