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How to Get There

Gangwon Bike Path
Get to the Gangwon Bicycle Path with a bicycle.​

The Gangwon (East Coast) Bike Path passes large resort cities and port towns on Gangwon Province’s shores. Its local trains don’t accept bikes. But their busy intercity buses do.

A picture of an intercity bus with the luggage compartment open.
Pop your bike in the luggage compartment and hop on board the intercity bus.

Intercity Bus

Don’t have a car? There’s just one way to get to the Gangwon Bike Path with your bike: intercity buses.

Gangwon Province’s largest cities lie in the middle of the province, not near the bike path’s start or finish lines. You may need to catch a connecting bus to arrive at the southern and northern endpoints.

Southern Endpoint

Most of Korea’s certification bike paths start and end with certification centers (stamp booths). Only the north end of the Gangwon Bike Path finishes at a stamp booth. Its bottom end sits in the remote Gopo Port (고포항; map) on Samcheok City’s southern border.

Three tiny intercity bus stops rest near this start line…

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