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Gyeongbuk Bike Path
Discover the top highlights along the (East Coast) Gyeongbuk Bike Path.

The Gyeongbuk Bicycle Path tracks the coastline of Yeongdeok and Uljin Counties on the nation’s east coast. It offers a plentiful selection of historic landmarks and bustling fishing ports.

Let’s explore.

A picture of Ganggu Port (강구항) in Yeongdeok County, South Korea.
Ganggu Port in Yeongdeok County is one of the largest fishing ports on Korea’s east coast. It's specialty is snow crabs.

Ganggu Port (강구항; map; aerial view) is the largest port in Yeongdeok County. Ride into town and you’ll notice the port’s most famous product, snow crabs, everywhere. Giant snow crab sculptures plastered on restaurants, attached to bridge masts, standing in local parks.

A picture of Changpomal Lighthouse (창포말등대) at Yeongdeok Sunrise Park (해맞이공원) in Yeongdeok County, South Korea.
Sunrise Park was devastated by a forest fire in 1997. Yeongdeok covered the coastal area with thousands of plants to help the region recover.

Sunrise Park (해맞이공원; map; aerial view) was once a dense, pine forest on a hillside overlooking the East Sea in Changpo Village (창포리; map), Yeongdeok County. In 1997, a massive forest fire tore through the area and devastated the natural environment.

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