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Deunggi Mountain Park

Gyeongbuk Bike Path
Learn about Deunggi Mountain Park, which rises on the edge of Hupo Port.

Deunggi Mountain Park (후포등기산공원; map) sits east of Hupo Port. It blankets the 64-meter tall Deunggi Mountain (등기산; map).

Locals have used the mountain to communicate with ships out at sea since ancient times. In the daytime, signalmen planted white flags. And at night, they lit beacon fires.

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Hupo Lighthouse

Opened in 1968, Hupo Lighthouse (후포등대; map) lives on Deunggi Mountain Park. Its white, octagonal tower stands 11 meters tall. It continues the tradition of signaling ships near Hupo Port.

When the sun dips, Hupo Lighthouse’s lantern beams light 35 kilometers over the East Sea every 10 seconds. The interval between flashes helps Hupo Port’s fishing boat fleet distinguish its home lighthouse from nearby Homigot (12 seconds) and Jukbyeon (20 second) lighthouses.

Deunggi Mountain Skywalk

Deunggi Mountain Skywalk (등기산 스카이워크; map) is the principal attraction at Deunggi Mountain Park. This 20-meter tall pedestrian pier extends 135 meters from the edge of Deunggi Mountain over the East Sea.

A gate sits halfway down the skywalk. Next to it sits a bin full of cloth booties to slip over your walking shoes. Why? The final 57 meters of the skywalk’s floor feature tempered glass, allowing visitors to gaze down at the rocks and waves below.

The skywalk ends on a circular platform with metallic waves and a mermaid spiraling around a globe. A sculpture depicts the legend of Ambassador Uisang and Lady Seonmyo.

The skywalk is free to use. However, it isn’t always open:

  • March ~ October: 9 AM ~ 5:30 PM
  • November ~ February: 9 AM ~ 5:00 PM
  • June ~ August: 9 AM ~ 6:30 PM
    • Closed on Mondays and in rain, snow, or strong winds

The Park

Deunggi Mountain Park features a parade of recreation curiosities, including:

  • A small Neolithic museum showing how ancient residents made stone tools.
  • A suspension bridge.
  • Scale models of famous lighthouses around the world.
  • Viewing decks, and pavilions, and a short observation tower modeled after a lighthouse.

The top of the park on Deunggi Mountain offers a 360° view of Hupo Port and its surroundings.

  • To the north: Jedong Breakwater (제동방파제; map)
  • To the south: Hupo Port
  • To the east: the East Sea
  • To the west: Baekam Mountain (백암산; map; 1,004 m), dusted with snow in winter.

Gatbawi Rock

Skywalk closed? Visit Gatbawi Rock (후포갓바위; map). This 70-meter long rocky outcrop sits in the East Sea below Deunggi Mountain Skywalk. Sightseers can walk down an 80-meter concrete bridge that connects the rock to the mainland any time.

Some say the rock grants one wish per visitor. It’s also a prime fishing spot.