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Uljin Sweet Fish Bridge

Gyeongbuk Bike Path
Learn about Uljin Sweet Fish Bridge, a pedestrian bridge bedecked with shiny fish sculptures.

Uljin Sweet Fish Bridge (울진은어다리; map) is a 243-meter long, 3-meter wide pedestrian bridge that crosses Namdae Stream (Namdaecheon; 남대천; map) just before it spills into the East Sea near downtown Uljin.

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Completed in 2005, the bridge features two giant shiny metallic fish. Measuring 49 and 53-meters long, the sculptures swallow walkers and cyclings midway down the bridge’s span.

At night, LEDs inside the silvery fish sculptures create a shimmering light show on the waters below.

Fishy Inspiration

A picture of Uljin Sweet Fish Bridge (울진은어다리) in Uljin County, South Korea.
The innards and walking path inside Uljin Sweet Fish Bridge’s metallic fish.

Ayu sweetfish (은어) inspired the sculptures on Uljin Sweet Fish Bridge. Popular amongst fishers and royalty, these freshwater fish thrive in the clean waters of Namdae Stream and nearby Wangpi Stream (왕피천; map).

In the spring, ayu sweetfish hatch and grow until they measure 7 centimeters long (3 in). Then they swim upstream, dine on zooplankton and grow to 20 centimeters (8 in) and larger. 

Between September and November, the fish return to the freshwater estuary around Uljin Sweetfish Bridge to spawn a new generation.

Around the Bridge

Here are a few more key points that surround Uljin Sweetfish Bridge:

Less than a kilometer south of Uljin Sweetfish Bridge lies Mangyang Pavilion, Wanpi Stream Park, and Seongnyu Cave (성류굴; map).