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Hangang Art Park

Hangang Bike Path
Learn about art installations sitting on the banks of the Han River.

Hangang Art Park (한강예술공원) comprises 37 outdoor sculptures and art installations inhabiting both Ichon and Yeouido Parks.

Artists from Korea to America to Germany to Chile contributed artworks, which range from intriguing to enigmatic. Some works encourage visitors to touch, sit, or lie down on them.

Curators divided the art park into four zones: “lively,” “relaxed,” “exciting,” and “secret.”

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Ichon Hangang Park

In Ichon Hangang Park, the works hide in swaying grass or stand tall in large lawns from near the Hangang Railway Bridges to Dongjak Bridge. Here’s a brief sampling:

  • Cracking Art (크래킹 아트; map) — yellow snails and pink penguins made of recycled plastic. 
  • River Pavilion-On The River (리버파빌리온-온더리버; map) — a garden and geometric sculptures on floating dock.
  • The Journey of a Ship (강변호 상경기; map) — a stained glass house installed on a fishing boat once lost to the sea.
  • Hangang Tree-P6 (한강나무-P6; map) — a pixelated tree.
  • RAIN or SHINE (비 또는 햇살; map) — a metal parasol with an infinity mirrored underside reflecting the brand names of old cars.

Yeouido Hangang Park

In Yeouido Hangang Park, art installations decorate the Han riverside from the National Assembly to 63 Building. Here’s a quick list:

  • Untitled (2 People) (무제 [두 사람]; map) — wire outline of two folks lounging on a hill.
  • Hangang Poem Pavilion (한강 포엠 파빌리온; map) — half-dome pavilion with holes. Sunlight passing through shines a poem on the concrete floor.
  • Dazzling Camouflage (눈부신 위장술; map) — an old fishing vessel covered with colored and mirrored mosaic tiles moored in the Han River. (One of two boat pieces.)
  • Nest (둥지; map) — a giant, tilted dish made from bent wooden planks. Climb inside this human nest and view Mapo Bridge and Bamseom Island.
  • Circles (써클; map) — three fish-shaped, concrete cups embedded into a grassy mound.