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Jamsil Sports Complex

Hangang Bike Path
Learn about Jamsil Sports Complex and its Olympic venues.

Jamsil Sports Complex (잠실종합운동장; map), or “Seoul Sports Complex,” towers over the intersection of the Han River and Tan Stream (탄천; map) in Seoul.

Seoul hosted the 1986 Asian and 1988 Summer Olympics. For these international events, the capital needed venues. They chose the underdeveloped Songpa District and built the Jamsil Sports Complex.

The centerpiece of the complex is Jamsil Olympic Stadium (잠실종합운동장올림픽; map) or “Seoul Olympic Stadium.” Seating 100,000 (69,950 today), it held both the opening and closing ceremonies for the 1988 Olympics. 

All of Jamsil Sports Complex’s facilities remain active. Some admit the public for recreation. Others house professional sports teams.