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Seonyu Island Park

Hangang Bike Path
Learn about an island with a purification plant turned recreation park.

Seonyu Island (Seonyudo; 선유도; map; aerial view) sits in the middle of the Han River in Seoul just off the banks of Yanghwa Hangang Park.

  • A small peak (선유봉) once sat upon the island. During their occupation of Korea (1910~1945), Japan shaved away the hill and used its contents to pave roads and dam up the Han.
  • Seonyu Bridge leads to Seonyudo Island in Yanghwa Hangang Park in Seoul.
    Seonyu Bridge connects park goers to Seonyu Island, where they can explore water treatment plant converted into a garden park.
    From 1978 to 2000, a water purification plant occupied Seonyu Island. It supplied purified drinking water for Seoulites.

The Seonyu Island connects to the mainland via the Seonyu Bridge (선유교; map), a pedestrian overpass that shoots over Olympic Boulevard, Yanghwa Park, and the Han river (road view). Cross it and discover Seonyu Island Park (선유도공원; map).

Free to all, Seonyu Island Park opens from 6 AM to midnight. It transformed the island’s old water purification plant into a 11,400-square-meter ecological park.

Glance at a map of the park. Find nine unique spaces, each with a theme:

  • The Time Garden — raised gardens made from recycled sediment.
  • Four Circular Spaces — treatment towers converted into cultural spaces.
  • Garden of Green Columns — support pillars wrapped by verdant ivy.
  • Water Purification Garden — a hydroponic flora inhabiting old filtration basins.