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Some Sevit

Hangang Bike Path
Learn the three artificial Some Sevit islands on the Han River in Seoul.

Some Sevit (세빛섬; map) are three connected buildings that float like islands on the south banks of the Han River. Its name translates to:

  • “Three” (세; /sāe/; (🔈)
  • “Light” (빛; /bēt/; (🔈)
  • “Island” (섬; /seom/; (🔈)

“Three Islands of Light.”

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Visit Some Sevit during the day. Stroll its walkways between buildings moored to the riverbed. Marvel at the molded steel and glass-flower structures.

Where’s the “light?”

Come at night. Those same buildings bloom and radiate rainbows of color over the Han River.

Opened in 2014, Some Sevit includes four structures.

  • Gavit (가빛섬; map) is the largest island. Its outwards tapered walls rise four stories. The building’s interior holds a convention center, restaurants, rooftop observatory, and more.
  • Chavit (채빛섬; map) is the medium sized island with a rounded top. A culture complex, buffet, and lounge occupy its three stories.
  • Solvit (솔빛섬; map) is the smallest and farthest island. Its two stories offer a multi-purpose space for exhibitions. The dock out back gives yacht tours and rents small crafts.
  • Yevit (예빛섬; map) is a floating stage separate from the island group. Resting on Banpo Hangang Park’s shore, its five LED screens display art when not hosting performances.

Some Sevit’s unique design and position on the Han made it a popular filming location, appearing in Korean dramas and Avengers: Age of Ultron.