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Yangpyeong Dumulmeori

Hangang Bike Path
Learn about the place where the North and South Han Rivers converge.

Just east of Seoul, Yangpyeong Dumulmeori (양평두물머리; map; aerial view) sits below the Bukhangang Railroad Bridge.

“Yangpyeong Dumulmeori” is a complicated name for a simple geological feature. Let’s break it down.

  • Yangpyeong (양평) refers to Yangpyeong County, where it lives.
  • Du (두) means “two.”
  • Mul (물) means “water.”
  • Meori (머리) means “head.”

Even more simply, it’s the spot where the North Han River and South Han River meet, forming the Han River, one of Korea’s most historically important waterways.


Yangsu Village (양수리; map) sits on an island in the North Han River. Its southern tip touches Yangpyeong Dumulmeori. During the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1897), the village ran a port where the North and South Han Rivers converge.

The port was a major money maker for Yangsu villagers. It served as a key transposition hub, connecting goods coming downstream from the North and South Han Rivers with Seoul’s ancient ports, like Mapo and Ttukseom.

Business dried up in the 20th century. What caused the collapse?

  • Just a few kilometers downstream from Yangpyeong Dumulmeori, engineers completed Paldang Dam (팔당댐; map) in 1973. It blocked boats using the Han Rivers from entering Seoul.
  • Beginning in the 1900s, trains and cars replaced boats as the country’s main transportation vehicles. Yangsu Bridge (양수대교; map) and Sinyangsu Bridge (신양수대교; map) shifted traffic off the rivers and onto roads and rails.
  • Seoul created a “Greenbelt” in the 1970s. To stop urban sprawl, the city forbade heavy commercial development on a strip of land surrounding the capital. Yangsu Village fell into the “Greenbelt,” preventing it from developing boat manufacturing and fishing industries.


Today Yangsu Village (양수리; map) promotes Yangpyeong Dumulmeori (양평두물머리; map) as a tourist destination.

Designated the first of eight scenic views of the South Han River, Yangpyeong Dumulmeori (양평두물머리; map) receives tourists from the Seoul and around the country. They visit Yangsu Village’s cafes and food stalls that sell green lotus hot dogs, which were inspired by the summer lotus leaves of nearby Semiwon Garden (세미원; map). 

Want a best view on the colliding North and South Han Rivers? Hop off Bukhangang Railroad Bridge. Cycle south to the tip of Yangsu Village’s island (directions). Find a stone that reads “두물경” and a panoramic view of the Yangpyeong Dumulmeori (road view).