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Hanam City

Tour Hanam City on the Han River Bike Path just east of Seoul.
43.4 km (Seoul (South Side))

Hanam City (하남시; map) rests against Seoul’s eastern border on the Han River. The route through the satellite city features riverside parks, an artificial racing lake, and an observatory wrapped around an incinerator.

This is the last of eight Hangang Park guides that profile the cycling paths on the south banks of the Han River in Seoul. Continue the Hangang Bike Path with Bike Seoul to Yeoju.

Hanam City Profile

Hanam City arose later than most of Seoul’s commuter cities or “bed towns.” First established in 1989, the city sits on the capital’s eastern flanks, holding stations for Seoul Subway’s Line 5 and the Gyeongui–Jungang Line.

The Namesake

Like Seoul’s, Songpa, Gangnam, and Gangdong Districts, Hanam City keeps remnants of Wiryeseong (위례성), the capital of the Kingdom of Baekje (백제; 18 BCE ~ 660 CE).

For over six centuries, Baekje ruled a southwestern chunk of the Korean peninsula. They became the first of the Three Kingdoms to control the Han River.

Cycle Hanam City

From Gwangnaru Hangang Park, pass by a simple log gateway that reads “Welcome to Hanam City” (road view). 

Seoul city has ended. But Hanam City carries the final 12 kilometers of Seoul’s South Side bike path (directions). The true finish line is Paldang Bridge (팔당대교; map), where the Namhangang (South Han River) portion of the Hangang Bike Path begins.

Bye, Bye Olympic Boulevard

Cycle down a raised embankment lined with trees. Whip onto a stretch lined with sports fields and green river islands.

Up ahead, Olympic Boulevard, our cycling companion throughout Seoul, hops onto Misa Bridge (미사대교; map; impossible to cross). The Boulevard crosses the Han River and turns into Expressway 60, which ends in Yangyang County (양양군; map) on the East Coast’s Route’s Gangwon Bike Path.

The High/Low Split

Pedal under Misa Bridge and around a bend in the river. Here the bike path splits into two one-way lanes (road view).

  • The left lane drops to the river.
  • The right lane climbs an embankment.

The split lasts for four kilometers (directions), meeting at Deokpung Bridge (덕풍교; map) near Deokpung Stream (덕풍천; map).

Be careful! Some velocity chasing cyclists think they can squeeze past you on the narrow lanes. Don’t give way. Let them ring and shout. Passing isn’t safe.

The Alternative Path

Don’t like the lane split? A riverside park arrives after two kilometers. It brings with it a two-way bike path that overtakes the lower one-way bike path (road view).

So now there are three lanes:

  1. On the embankment: one-way eastbound bike lane.
  2. On the riverside: two-way, east/west bike lanes.

Feel cramped? Are the angry cyclists too much? Tumble down a set of steps onto the riverside bike paths.

Don’t worry about getting lost. Both paths — on the embankment and along the river — lead to Deokpung Stream (map).

Misa Boat Race Park

Want to check out an Olympic venue? Stick to the one-way path on the embankment.

Cycle toward apartment buildings rising in the distance (road view). Then glance at a web map. Notice a perfect blue rectangle next to you. That’s the Misa Boat Race Park (미사경정공원; map; aerial view).

This artificial lake measures 2.2 kilometers long, 140 meters wide, and 3 meters deep. It hosted rowing and canoeing competitions for the ‘86 Asian and ‘88 Summer Olympic Games.

Today, Misa Gyeongjeong Park (미사경정공원; map) surrounds the retired lake. Its rental stations offer bikes and water crafts for visitors to cruise around in the summer breeze.

Misa Boat Race Park isn’t visible from the bike path. Want to catch a glimpse? Ascend a set of steps up an embankment to peep the old Olympic venue (road view).

Deokpung Stream

Bike onwards and land at Deokpung Bridge (map) along Deokpung Stream (덕풍천; map). This is the place where the High/Low Split bike paths converge (road view).

Have Seoul’s bike roads given you cement pedals? Roll down Deokpung Stream into Hanam City (directions; aerial view). Find a bed and food near Hanam City Hall (하남시청; map).

Deokpung Stream also provides access to Hanam Union Tower, a Hangang Bike Path highlight (directions).

Hanam Union Tower welcomes you to the city of Hanam and the rest of Korea.
Hanam Union Tower welcomes you to the city of Hanam and the rest of Korea.

Seoul’s North and South bike roads often mirror each other.

Completed in 2015, Hanam Union Tower (유니온타워; map) crowns an 80,000-square-meter garbage incinerating complex.

Take the stairs below ground. Find waste burning, sewage treating, and recycling screening facilities. Each day they:

  • Incinerate 48 tons of garbage.
  • Compress 60 tons of trash.
  • Recycle 50 tons of detritus.
  • Recover 80 tons of food waste.
  • Treat 32,000 tons of sewage.

What about the tower? On frigid days, spot white clouds puff from its top (aerial view). Hanam Union Tower is a 105 meter tall exhaust vent… And a multi-level, 360° observatory.

Paldang Bridge

53 km (Seoul (South Side))
A picture of the bike path on Paldang Bridge connecting Hanam and Namyangju cities just outside of Seoul, South Korea.
Paldang Bridge, connecting Hanam and Namyangju cities, marks the end of the Hangang Bicycle Path in Seoul. Cross it to continue onwards to Yeoju.

Hop back on the bike path. We’re on the homestretch.

From Deokpung Stream, curl back towards the Han River and cycle along the green trees of Dang Garden (당정뜰; map; aerial view).

A cluster of peaks crowds the horizon (aerial view). Yebong Mountain (예봉산; map; 679 m) claims the north side of the river. Geomdan Mountain (검단산; map; 658 m) dominates the south.

Loop over Sangok Stream (산곡천; map; road view) and find Paldang Bridge (팔당대교; map). The bridge isn’t just an excellent crossing point. It’s a requirement.

Paldang Bridge is part of the Hangang Bicycle Path. It marks the end of Seoul’s North Side and South Side Bike Paths and the start of the Namhangang (South Han River) section.

Still light left in the sky? Ready to begin the next section of the Hangang Bike Path?

Bike under the Paldang bridge, up an embankment, and onto the bridge’s deck (road view). Cross the Han River onto the Bike Seoul to Yeoju cycling course.