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Explore Korea’s Hawaii, the romantic city, and more regional bike paths.

Jeju & More Routes includes two Bike Certification paths (Jeju Fantasy and Bukhangang) another route along the east coast, and unofficial bike paths through popular cities.

The Stats

← 234 km | 13 hours→
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← 70 km | 4 hours→
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Explore beaches and resorts as you circle Jeju, Korea’s island destination.

Explore Korea’s Hawaii.

Follow the North Han River through valleys to Chuncheon, Korea’s romantic city.

Ride Korea’s romantic city.

These bike paths encompass a diverse range of landscapes and regions. The Jeju Fantasy bike path circles Korea’s largest island.

The Bukhangang path splits from the Cross-Country Route and follows the North Han River to Chuncheon (춘천), Korea’s romantic city.

More Bike Paths explores bike routes not a part of the certification system. You’ll complete the east coast journey and discover local bike paths in popular cities, like Seoul and Gyeongju (경주).

Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path

The Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path (234 km) circles the island of Jeju (제주도). Known as Korea’s Hawaii, the island is a domestic destination for Korean’s looking for sunshine and beaches. 

The official bike path starts in Jeju City (제주시) and rounds the island. Stop to check out a volcanic cone and dozens of beaches.

Bukhangang Bicycle Path

Just beyond Seoul, the Bukhangang Bike Path branches off from the Cross-Country Route. It meanders up the North Han River (북한강; Bukhangang) up to Korea’s self-declared Romantic City, Chuncheon (춘천).

The path passes through popular excursion zones. Seoulites escape the metropolitan jungle to ride the tourist railroads and eat local cuisine.

famous commuter train lets you hop on and off the path. (Bus terminals sit far from the path.)

More Bicycle Paths

Korea’s Certification System passes unique and beautiful parts of South Korea. But there’s more. Much more. More Bike Paths explores these stunning paths.

Take a ride in Haeundae (해운대해수욕장), Korea’s most famous beach. Follow the beautiful river in the center of Ulsan (울산), the city where Hyundai make their cars.

East Coast Part II completes the east coast journey. You’ll pick up where the East Coast Route leaves off, in the city of Yeongdeok (영덕). It continues down the coast to Korea’s second largest city, Busan (부산).

The Paths

The third longest ride in the certification system, Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path presents a challenge. It follows a mix of country and protected bike lanes up and down hills.

Most of the Bukhangang Bike Path follows a protected bike.

Time & Distance

Jeju Fantasy Bike Path climbs a couple hundred-meter peaks. At 233 kilometers, a casual pace might last three to four days. A focused ride will circle the island in two.

Other than a modest hill, the Bukhangang Bike Path sails along level ground. A leisurely rider can finish the 70 kilometers (44 mi) in a day.