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Ride the opening stages of the Nakdong River.

The path from Andong will take you from the source of the Nakdong River. You’ll pass historic villages and farm fields. When the day finishes, you’ll yourself back on the cross-country bike path.

Check out highlights, an image gallery, and certification checkpoints below.

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The Yellow Sea Birds

The Yellow Sea? It’s more than a sea. When the tide recedes, it becomes the world’s largest tidal mudflats. This endless expanse may look like bland, brown goop. However, it facilitates an awe-inspiring display of endurance and perseverance.

Certification Centers

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Sinmae Bridge certification center checkpoint stamp for Korea's Bicycle Certification system.
The City of Incheon

Behind Seoul and Busan, the city of Incheon (인천) is the third most populous city in Korea, holding over three million residents. The city sits on the northwestern corner of South Korea, with the Yellow Sea to its west and Seoul to its east.

Incheon is a part of the Seoul Capital Area (수도권), which includes Gyeonggi Province (경기도). Many of Incheon’s residents commute to Seoul via the Airport Express (AREX) or Subway Line 1, which extended across both cities.