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Nakdonggang Bike Path
Explore the highlights of the Nakdonggang Bicycle Path.​

The Nakdonggang Bicycle Path is the longest certification path in Korea. Along its course, find natural wonders, ancient and modern highlights, and eight Four Rivers Project weirs, the most along any bike path.

Woryeong Bridge (월영교) or Woryeonggyo spans the Nakdong River a kilometer downstream from Andong Dam.

Measuring 387 meters long and 3.6 meters wide, Woryeong is Korea’s longest wooden bridge. Though the arch trestles under its deck look ancient, builders completed Woryeong in 2003. You can see modernity in the bridge’s concrete pillar base and hand railing.

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Woryeong’s name comes from the Woryeong Observatory, an ancient stargazing tower like the famed Cheomseongdae. Andong Dam flooded and destroyed it in 1976.

The walking bridge connects Woryeong Park (월영공원), which hosts the Andong Dam Certification Center, the Nakdonggang Bike Path’s start line, with the walking paths and pavilions surrounding the Andong Folk Village (안동민속촌). 

Along its span, strollers can rest under the octagonal Woryeong Pavilion or gaze out from two piers jutting from the walkway.

Fountain jets and multi-colored LEDs light up the bridge at night. In the morning, mist rises from the Nakdong River, shrouding the bridge in painterly magic.

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