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Haman Weir

Nakdonggang Bike Path
Learn about Changnyeong Haman Weir, the final watergate on the Nakdong River.

The Changnyeong Haman Weir (창녕함안보; map; Changnyeong Haman-bo) is the final Nakdong River weir built by the Four Rivers Project. Completed in 2012, its name comes from Changnyeong (창녕군; map) and Haman (함안군; map), the counties on its north and south ends.

The weir measures 549 meters long. Retractable watergates makeup 144 meters of its length. They regulate the river’s flow, providing water for local farmers. Four small hydro plants create 50 GWh of electricity per year, enough power for 8,000 households.

Midway down the weir, feathery streaks rise into fins along its concrete towers. These represent a swan’s wings flying over the Nakdong River, a symbol that “envisions an eco-friendly future” and references the Ara Gaya (아라가야; map), a Gaya Confederacy (42~562 ACE) state that lived in this region.

The middle two towers hold stairs that lead down to observatories. Inside, find a Nakdong River lookout spot and information about the weir and its surroundings.

On the southwest banks sits a management center and cultural hall (창녕함안보통합관리센터; map). Open from 9 AM to 6 PM. It holds a variety of functions:

On the northeast end of the weir lives Gilgok Waterside Eco Park (길곡수변생태공원; map). It keeps campgrounds and LEDs that light up the bike path’s dividing line at night.