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Chilgok Weir

Nakdonggang Bike Path
Learn about Chilgok Weir, the fourth watergate on the Nakdong River.

Chilgok Weir (칠곡보; map; Chilgok-bo) is the Nakdong River’s fourth watergate. Built by the Four Rivers Project in 2011, it borrows its name from where it stays, Chilgok County (칠곡군; map).

The weir measures 348 meters, with 200 meters of movable beams regulating the river’s flow, and a 452-meter maintenance and pedestrian bridge overtop. A pair of hydroelectric plants capture 15.4 GWh of juice per year to power 14,000 homes. 

Chilgok’s towers reflect the legend of Cheolu. During the Silla period, Doseon (도선; 827~898) a Buddhist monk, climbed nearby Ga Mountain (가산; map) and found iron bulls buried in a flat rock (가산바위; map) near the summit. It’s thought they brought good luck to the territory.

On the weir’s east side, find Chilgok Weir Observatory. It hosts a convenience store and an office where you can buy and certify bike passports. Chilgok-bo Certification Center sits just outside.

A handful of attractions lure families and tourists to Chilgok Weir, including: