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Dalseong Weir

Nakdonggang Bike Path
Learn about Dalseong Weir, the sixth watergate on the Nakdong River.

Dalseong Weir (달성보; map; Dalseong-bo) sits 21 kilometers downriver from the Gangjeong Goryeong Weir on the edge of Daegu City. It’s the sixth watergate on the Nakdong River built by the Four Rivers Project (2009~2011).

Sluice gates take up 162 meters of its 580-meter length. They prevent flooding and secure water for local farmers. Three small hydro power plants on its east side create 16 GWh of electricity annually for 1,400 homes.

Six observation decks jut from the bridge, hanging over the weir. Their concrete supports resemble the bow of a ship sailing down the Nakdong, symbolizing the river’s development.

Dalseong-bo Certification Center and Dalseong Weir Management Center (달성보통합관리센터; map) live on the northeast end of the weir. Inside the management center, find a convenience store and an office that sells and certifies bike passports.

Above the management center rises a 5-story tall observation tower with an open-air staircase. It offers views of Nakdong River and Sunset Park (달성노을공원; map).