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Eulsukdo Island

Nakdonggang Bike Path
Learn about Eulsukdo Island, a river isle at the end of the Nakdong River.

Eulsukdo Island (을숙도; map) is a delta clinging to the end of the Nakdong River as it spills into the Korea Strait or South Sea (Namhae; 남해; map) in Busan Metropolitan City (부산시; map).

The Nakdonggang Bird Sanctuary (을숙도철새공원; map) claims most of the island. It spreads southward from Nakdong South Road (낙동남로; map).

This undeveloped green expanse houses thousands of species, including endangered, migratory birds. Visitors can climb to the second floor of the Nakdong Estuary Eco-Center (낙동강하구에코센터; map), skim info about the sanctuary’s creatures, then gaze at them through telescopes.

Above the Nakdong South Road, at the top tip of the island, perches a cornucopia of attractions for the Homo sapien set. Among walking paths and recreation fields, find:

  • Eulsukdo Cultural Center (을숙도문화회관; map) — complex of concert venues, performance spaces, exhibition halls, and more.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Busan (부산현대미술관; map) — museum with a moss covered façade dedicated to modern art and the natural world.
  • Eulsukdo Sculpture Park (을숙도문화회관조각공원; map) — sculptures in the Eulsukdo Cultural Center’s courtyard.
  • Nakdong River Estuary Observatory (낙동강하구둑전망대; map) — public lookout spot overlooking the river and island.

Oh, and Eulsukdo Island holds the end (or start) of the Cross-Country Route, marked by the Nakdonggang Estuary Bank Certification Center.

After collecting this last stamp, head into the Nakdong River Culture Center (낙동강문화관; map). It’s just across the courtyard. Open Tuesday through Sunday, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, inside find workers that sell and certify bike passports.