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Gangjeong Goryeong Weir

Nakdonggang Bike Path
Learn about Gangjeong Goryeong Weir, the longest watergate on the Nakdong River.

Gangjeong Goryeong Weir (강정고령보; map; Gangjeong Goryeong-bo) is the longest Four Rivers Project weir. It sits in the Gangjeong Amusement Park (대구강정유원지; map) on the edge of Daegu Metropolitan City (대구시; map) near the ARC Cultural Center.

The watergate measures 954 meters. Beams totalling 120 meters rise and lower to control water levels up and downriver. Like other weirs, two small hydro plants capture about 3,000 kWh of electricity a day and feed it to 3,000 households.

The Gaya Confederacy (42~562 ACE), which inhabited Daegu until the Kingdom of Silla swallowed them whole, inspired the weir’s design.

A semicircle platform hangs over the weir’s midpoint. From a mast in the center, twelve cables radiate down to the deck. They represent Gaya’s twelve prefectures and the twelve strings of the Gayageum (가야금), a traditional Korean instrument originating from the region.

On the east side of the weir, find the Gangjeong Goryeong-bo Certification Center and Gangjeong Goryeong Weir Culture Center (강정보디아크광장; map), which hosts a convenience store, observation tower, and a shop that sells and certifies bike passports.