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Gumi Weir

Nakdonggang Bike Path
Learn about Gumi Weir, the third watergate on the Nakdong River.

Gumi Weir (구미보; map; Gumi-bo), completed in 2011, might be the most photogenic Four Rivers Project watergate. Named after Gumi City, whose downtown buzzes 16 kilometers south, the weir’s towers resemble two dragons and a turtle, symbols of wisdom and longevity.

While most other weirs keep an observatory on the riverbanks, Gumi Weir’s lookout spot occupies the top floor of the middle, turtle-shaped tower. Visitors can ascend elevators or stairs and use a 360-degree view of the Nakdong to spot rare migratory birds.

The weir measures 374 meters, 103 of which lift and lower to regulate water flow. Tucked on the western banks sit two small hydroelectric plants that together generate 3,000 kWh of power per day.

Cyclists and walkers can cross the weir’s 649-meter bridge and explore the western side of the Nakdong, which includes Geumo Seowon Confucian Academy (금오서원; map).

However, the Nakdonggang Bike Path continues on the river’s eastern banks, where the Gumi-bo Certification Center lies. Dorisa Temple (도리사; map), which offers temple stays, looms over all on a nearby mountain peak.