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Nakdan Weir

Nakdonggang Bike Path
Learn about Nakdan Weir, the second watergate on the Nakdong River.

Nakdan Weir (낙단보; map; Nakdan-bo) sits 17 kilometers south of Sangju Weir in Sangju City.

The second Four Rivers Project watergate on the Nakdong River, 142 meters of its 286-meter length are movable beams that regulate water flow for nearby farms. Two 1,500 kW hydro plants generate juice for nearby residences.

The weir’s towers mimic the eaves of Gwansuru (관수루; map), one of three paramount pavilions built along the river during the Goryeo Dynasty (고려; 918~1392).

Where is Gwansuru Pavilion? Perched on the eastern banks, overlooking rushing waters a fraction of a kilometer down path (road view).

Workers discovered an ancient Buddhist statue (마애보살좌상이; map) carved in the granite hillside while building Nakdan Weir. It tucks under a wooden staircase southeast of the weir.

Cyclists must cross this weir to continue on the certification path, passing a post office and the Nakdan-bo Certification Center on the southeast side.