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Sangju Bicycle Museum

Nakdonggang Bike Path
Learn about Sangju Bicycle Museum, Korea's only museum dedicated to cycling.

The Sangju Bicycle Museum (상주자전거박물관; map) nestles along the Nakdong River just below Gyeongcheondae Terrace in Sangju City.

Built in 2002, it’s the only museum in the nation dedicated to bikes. It costs ₩1,000 a pop and opens 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Inside, find pedal powered contraptions of all shapes, sizes, and eras.

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The museum’s courtyard presents an assortment of bicycle inspired sculptures. Folks can borrow for free bikes and mill around the expansive patio.

Why a bike museum in Sangju?

In days past, Sangju was a regional hub. Its location on the Nakdong River and fertile farm fields produced disposable income for its citizens.

So when bicycles came to town in 1919, Sangju-ites bought them like hotcakes. Like cars later in the 20th century, they represented status and progress.

Sangju produced several famous cyclists, including Park Sang-heon. He won national racing competitions in Seoul, Daejeon, China, and Sangju’s own Joseon Paldo National Cycling Competition, which was held from 1925 to 1940.

Bicycles still dominate the city, averaging two per household, the most per capita in Korea. Almost 30% of Sangju residents commute by bike every day.