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Sujupal Peaks

Saejae Bike Path
Learn about Sujupal Peaks, a rocky ridge with eight spires.

Sujupal Peaks (수주팔봉; map; Sujupalbong) is a rock wall topped with stony spires on the Dal Stream (달천; Dalcheon) south of downtown Chungju.

Stand on the opposite banks of the stream and gaze at Sujupal Peaks. From the rocky ridge, rise eight or “pal” (팔) peaks. Hence, “Sujupal Peaks (수주봉).”

Picnickers have long visited the gravel beach under Sujupal to eat a roll of gimbap, drink tea, and watch the Dal Stream burst through the rock wall and spill down Kal Rock Falls (칼바위폭포).

When the picnickers finish lunch, they can climb stairs and traverse Sujupal Peaks Cloud Bridge (수주팔봉구름다리; map), a suspension bridge strung between two Sujupal Peak spires.

A picture of a rock beach and waterfall as it flows through Sujupal Peak (수주팔봉) along the Saejae Bicycle Path (새재자전거길) in Chungju City.

Other nearby attractions include:

  • Palbong Glamping (팔봉글램핑; map) sits above Dal Stream’s gravel beach, opposite Sujupal Peaks. It offers walk-in tents, fire pits, electricity, and nearby shops.
  • Palbong Seowon (팔봉서원; map) is a Confucian academy built in 1582. The king closed it in 1871. Chungju City restored and designated the ancient academy a cultural treasure in 1998.