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How to Get There

Saejae Bike Path
Learn how to get to the Saejae Bike Path.

Though far from the subways and airports of metropolitan cities, two transportation options give cyclists and their bicycles access to the Saejae Bike Path:

Intercity Bus

Intercity buses. The go-to transport for bikers and their bikes in Korea.

A few terminals hang near the start and finish line of the Saejae Bike Path. Not riding the Cross-Country Route? These offer a quick point of entry and exit.

A picture of an intercity bus with the luggage compartment open.
Pop your bike in the luggage compartment and hop on board the intercity bus.

The Start

Chungju City’s Chungju Bus Terminal (충주공용버스터미널) sits 1.9 kilometers from Chungju Tangeumdae, the bike path’s start (directions).

The terminal’s intercity (timetable) and express (timetable) buses navigate to every metropolitan city and many surrounding provinces, including Gyeonggi and North Chungcheong Province.

The End

Two terminals rest at Saejae Bike Path’s end point. However, each lie far from Sangju Sangpung Bridge Certification Center, the finish line.

Sangju Bus Terminal

The Sangju Bus Terminal (상주종합버스터미널) perches on the Nakdonggang Bike Path, 18.1 kilometers from Saejae Bike Path (directions). Cyclists must hop off the path and navigate 12 kilometers of city roads and a few hills to reach the terminal.

jonghap (종합), both intercity (timetable) and express (timetable) buses flow from Sangju’s terminal and into Korea’s Seoul, Busan, Incheon, Daegu, Daejeon, and the cities and counties of North Gyeongsang and North Chungcheong Provinces.  

Jeomchon Bus Terminal & Stop

Because of Sangju’s distance from the bike path, some prefer Jeomchon Bus Terminal (점촌터미널) or Jeomchon Bus Stop (점촌북부터미널) in Jeomchon, Mungyeong City’s main population center.

The settlement rests about 20 kilometers from the Saejae’s finish line (directions). However, the terminal lies 2.8 kilometers (directions) and the bus stop 1 kilometer (directions) from the bike path, making access straightforward and quick. 

Jeomchon Bus Terminal (점촌터미널) combines intercity (timetable) and express (timetable) buses. They run to major metro areas, like Seoul, Incheon, Busan, Daejeon, Daegu, and Ulsan. Shorter routes focus on North Gyeongsang and North Chungcheong Provinces.

The Jeomchon Bus Stop (점촌북부터미널) is just that. A bus stop. No building and minimal signage. Passengers buy tickets at the nearby CU convenience (map).

Most Jeomchon Bus Stop buses drive to North and South Chungcheong Province, with a few hitting cities in Gyeonggi Province and Daejeon City (timetable).

The Middle

Two intercity stops lie in the middle of the Saejae Bike Path.

The Suanbo Intercity Bus Stop (수안보시외버스터미널) in Chungju City’s south offers a hop-on and off spot under the Sojo Pass. Because Suanbo Township passed its prime a few decades ago, the bus stop’s timetable and routes continue to thin (read more).

Don’t confuse Mungyeong Bus Terminal (문경버스터미널) with Jeomchon Bus Terminal. Jeomchon Terminal is larger and serves more cities. Mungyeong Terminal rests north in a small town and runs a more limited timetable.

Saejae Bus Terminals


None of the bus timetables fit your schedule? Try a train. The Gyeongbuk Line (경북선) offers another way to get you and your wheels to and from the Saejae Bike Path.

A picture of a mugunghwa train arriving at a station in South Korea.
Though limited and require reservations, trains offer an alternative way to get you and your bike to Korea's bike paths.

Train Trials

Want to ride a train with your full-size bike (MTB, road, hybrid)? You’ll need to book a ticket that includes a bike cradle.

How? Download the Korail app or search their website. Find one of the select trains with bicycle seats and purchase it in advance.

Read our guide to the app here and check bike-friendly train timetables here.

  • Booking online or by using the app requires an ARC number or a kind Korean friend.
  • All bicycle tickets come with a seat for the human and a cradle for the bike in an adjoining train car. 
  • All trains accept folding bicycles. No special ticket. Just compact and stuff it in the luggage compartment.

Gyeongbuk Line

The Gyeongbuk Line (경북선) travels a limited route in North Chungcheong Province, from Yeongju (영주역) to Gimcheon (김천역) Stations.

The rail line crosses two stations near the end of the Saejae Bike Path:

You can transfer to the Gyeongbu Line (경부선) at Gimcheon Station, which runs cross-country and connects Seoul and Busan. It also accepts full-size bicycles with advanced reservation.