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How to Get There

Yeongsangang Bike Path
How to get to the Yeongsangang Bicycle Path.

Yeongsangang Bike path runs down the southwest end of the peninsula. Nearby intercity bus terminals, rail lines, and Gwangju’s subway system give riders three transportation options to get them and their bike to and from the route:

Intercity Bus

Yeongsangang Bike Path’s start and end points offer nearby intercity bus terminals, each with an excellent selection of outbound and inbound routes.

The Start

Damyang Bus Terminal (담양공용버스터미널; map) is the closest to the start of the Yeongsangang Bike Path. It rests 10.1 kilometers from the Damyang Dam Certification Center (담양댐 인증센터), the first red stamp booth (directions).

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