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Tips and all the logistics of touring Korea by bike.

You’ve got questions.

We’ve got answers.

Take the time to explore our Tips! We’ll not only give you info about where to stay, eat, and Korea’s climate. We’ll also provide you with important info about Korea and its culture.


A menu of popular Korean and non-Korean dishes.

Where to sleep while biking in Korea.

How to get to Korea’s bike paths with your bike.

A rundown of Korea’s four distinct seasons.

How to stay safe while exploring Korea by bike.

All about bikes, from bike types to preparing for a long trip.

Vital info about Korean culture, from hangul to politeness.

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A guide to Korea’s climate, from cherry blossoms to autumn leaves.

Do you like wet bike rides? How about snowy ones? Yes! You’re in the right place. We’ll peer inside Korea’s climate, season by season. You’ll learn about monsoons, yellow dust, and cherry blossoms.

Oh! Sorry, you don’t like rainy rides. We’ll give you tips to avoid that, too.

All about Korea’s cold months.

All about Korea’s winters. We’ll let you know where you can find and avoid the cold white stuff.

Cherry blossoms and pollution.

Discover canopies of white cherry blossoms and how to avoid pollution.

Learn about Korea’s sun and rain.

Korean summers bring the rain and the heat. Learn what to expect and avoid the storms.

Colorful leaves and perfect bike weather.

Fall brings bright leaves and mellow weather, making it ideal for all cycling trips.

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How to get you and your bike to and from the bicycle paths in Korea.

Traveling is an easy equation. Stress plus the unexpected equals your typical trip. Now, multiply that with a foreign country and the need to carry around a large, greasy contraption (bike).

I know. I couldn’t get past trigonometry, too. Don’t worry! We have the answer sheet.

Check out our guide to moving around Korea with your bike. We’ll lay out your options. Tell you some dos and don’ts. We guarantee a passing grade!

A guide to intercity and express buses.

A quick guide to intercity and express buses, from buying tickets to boarding.

Korea’s five subway systems.

Info about Korea’s five subway systems, including how to board with a bike.

A guide to Korea’s trains.

A guide to Korea’s trains, including those that allow bicycles aboard.

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Where to sleep while biking in Korea.

What’s the most scarce resource today? Gold? Saffron? How about sleep? Everyone wants more, but they don’t know how to get it.

From camping to love motels and everything between, we give you the rundown on where to lay your head after a long day cycling.

A guide to Korea’s motels.

A guide to finding and sleeping in Korea’s cheap and plentiful motels. 

Hotels, hostels, & more.

A rundown of Korea’s other sleeping quarters, from hanoks to saunas.

Rules for camping in Korea.

Tips and rules for bikepackers planning to camp along Korea’s bike paths.

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Where to eat while biking in Korea.

Hungry? A few thousand miles of bike path will do that. Check out our guide to dining out while biking in Korea. We’ll tell you Korea’s specials, from Korean barbecue to meat on a stick.

You’ll also learn some basic dining etiquette. Let’s chow down!

How to eat tradition dishes.

Learn about traditional Korean meals and how to eat them.

Fast dishes from Korean and abroad.

Learn about quick domestic and foreign dishes, from black to spicy noodles.

Burgers, pizza, and more.

Longing for home? See which western-style restaurants Korea offers.

24/7 convenient selections.

A guide to the 24/7, 365 oasis of sugary and salty delights.


Choosing, fixing, and packing a bike for every Korean cycling adventure.

Don’t know what kind of bike you should ride? Worried about breaking down? We’re here to help!

We’ll explore the pros and cons of different bikes, recommend what to pack for long trips, and give you helpful mechanic trips to prepare and fix minor disasters.

Check out our guide to short- and long-term bike rental in Korea.

Short- and long-term rental.

Short- and long-term options to rent a bicycle in Korea.

What to pack for your bike trip.

A list of gear to pack, including simple tools and safety equipment.

Preparing your bike for a long ride.

How to prepare your bike for comfort, durability, and safety.

Quick fixes to common breakdowns.

Some easy-to-learn fixes for common bike breakdowns.

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How to stay safe when bicycling across South Korea.

Riding a bike is a dangerous cocktail. Add two parts unaware-pedestrian, one part downhill rum, and a dash of vehicular vermouth. You got yourself a danger-tini.

We’ll help you sober up. Our safety pages provide vital information about the rules of Korea’s roads, some tips about drivers, and Korea’s emergency numbers.

Stay safe!

Biking laws and safety information

A guide to Korea’s bicycle laws and information about Korea’s roads.

List of Korea’s emergency numbers.

A list and descriptions of Korea’s emergency service numbers.

Info for English-speaking embassies.

Embassy contact information for English-speaking nations in South Korea.

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Learn about Korean culture, from language to etiquette.

Our Culture section brings you vital information about the people of the Korean peninsula.

Read a quick guide that will help you read and speak Korean in no time. You’ll also learn a few cultural dos and don’ts, national holidays, and a history of Hangul.

Learn to read and write Hangul.

Learn how to read and write Hangul in a few simple steps.

A history of Korea’s writing system.

Read about the history of Korea’s writing system.

How to be polite in Korea.

Pick up tips on Korean politeness. Learn dos and don’ts.

A guide to Korea’s holidays.

A guide to Korea’s holidays and tips about travel.