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Advice for exploring Korea by bike.

You’ve got questions.

I’ve got answers.

Take the time to explore Tips! Get info about where to stay, eat, how to get around, and more.

A menu of popular dishes in Korea.

Where to sleep while biking in Korea.

How to get to Korea’s bike paths with your bike.

A rundown of Korea’s four distinct seasons.

How to stay safe while exploring Korea by bike.

Preparing, fixing, and packing bicycles for long trips.

Insights into Korea’s language and culture.

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How to prepare for the wind, rain, and sun while biking in Korea.

Rain soaks. Snow freezes. Sun burns.

Before saddling up, check out this quick guide to Korea’s climate. Learn when the cherry blossoms come out. Discover when monsoon season rolls round. Find out the best season to cycle.

All about Korea’s winters. I’ll let you know where you can find and avoid the cold white stuff.  

Discover canopies of white cherry blossoms and how to avoid pollution.

Korean summers bring the rain and the heat. Learn what to expect and avoid the storms.

Fall brings bright leaves and mellow weather, making it ideal for all cycling trips.

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How to get you and your bike to the bicycle paths in Korea.

Biking hundreds of kilometers is the simple part. Getting you and your greasy, cumbersome bicycle on and off the cycling paths? That’s the difficult bit.

Check out our guide to moving around Korea with your bike. Find out about buses, trains, and subways. Learn some dos and don’ts. And get some indispensable resources.

A quick guide to intercity and express buses, from buying tickets to boarding with a bike.

How to ride Korea’s five subway systems with your bike.

A guide to Korea’s trains. Learn which trains allow bicycles aboard.

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Where to sleep while cycling in Korea.

The sun’s gone down. A chill creeps down from the darkened mountains above. What’s that sound? Howling! A wolf? Wandering spirit? It’s time to find a safe, warm bed.

But where?

Find three guides to sleeping while cycling in Korea. Learn about motels, hotels, camping and more.

How to find and sleep in Korea’s low-priced and plentiful motels. 

A guide to Korea’s accommodations, from hanoks to saunas.

Tips for bikepackers planning to camp along Korea’s cycling paths.

A list of places to stay along Korea’s national bike paths.

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A guide to eating while biking in Korea.

Hungry? Cycling across a country will do that. Check out our guide to dining while biking in Korea. Learn etiquette and hear the specials, from Korean barbecue to meat on a stick.

Let’s look at the menu!

From the food to etiquette, a guide to eating Korean.

Quick domestic and foreign dishes, from black to spicy noodles.

Learn the ins and outs of burgers, pizza, and fast food in Korea.

A guide to the always-open shops full of sugary and salty delights. 


Preparing, fixing, and packing a bike for a cycling adventure.

Worried about a bike breakdown? How should you prepare for a long bike trip? Confused about what to pack? How can you rent a bike for an afternoon? A week-long adventure?

Read the guides below to answer those and more biking questions.

Short- and long-term bicycle rental options in Korea.

A list of gear to pack, including simple tools and safety equipment.

How to prepare your bike for comfort, durability, and safety.

Easy-to-learn fixes for common bike breakdowns.

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How to stay safe when bicycling across South Korea.

What are the rules of the road? Emergency! Who are you going to call? Check out our safety guide. Get essential tips to keep safe while cycling in Korea.

Rules of the road for cycling in Korea and beyond.

A list of Korea’s emergency numbers.

Contact info for English-speaking embassies in Korea.

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Learning how to read, speak, and be polite in Korea.

Want to minimize gaffes, blunders, and stumbles while traveling in Korea. Check out these guides.

Learn how to read Hangul (한글) in under an hour. Find out about Korea’s holidays and which dates to avoid travel. Get a few etiquette lessons.

A list of Korea’s major holidays and tips about traveling during them.

Learn how to read and speak Hangul and pick up a few phrases.

Learn some helpful words and tips for cycling in Korea.

Learn about bicycle signs on South Korea’s cycling paths.

Read about the history of Korea’s writing system.

Pick up tips on Korean politeness. Learn dos and don’ts.