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Metropolitan City

Take a tour of Korea's most celebrated city, from facts, to history, to notable neighborhoods.

Seoul Special City (서울특별시; Seoul-si) is the gravitational center of Korea. Like London to the U.K., Paris to France, everything flows to and from the megacity.

The Stats
  • Seoul Metropolitan City (서울특별시; Seoul-si)
  • 605 km² (234 sq mi)
  • 9,588,711 people (1st of 162)
  • 15,843 folks per km² (41,035 per sq mi)
Seoul Metropolitan City
A view of Seoul Namsan Tower from the Jung Province in Seoul, South Korea.

Seoul City:

  • is the capital of South Korea.
  • is Korea’s most populous city.
  • claims the headquarters of most Korean corporations.
  • houses the biggest K-Pop labels.
  • boasts the most awe-inspiring cultural relics.

Though it hasn’t always been the capital, Seoul’s history also summarizes Korea through time. Let’s take a tour of Korea’s densest city.

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