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How to prepare for the wind, rain, and sun while biking in Korea.

Rain soaks. Snow freezes. Sun burns.

Before saddling up, check out this quick guide to Korea’s climate. Learn when the cherry blossoms come out. Discover when monsoon season rolls round. Find out the best season to cycle.

The picturesque Huam Beach, adorned with multicolored parasols on its sandy expanse, offers a stunning view of the iconic Chuam Candlestick Rock and tall rocks emerging from the East Sea.
Beach goers enjoy the sun on Chuam Beach (추암해변) near Donghae (동해).

How's the Weather?

South Korea is a mid-latitude nation with four distinct seasons. It’s like America’s mid-Atlantic states: North Carolina or Virginia. Not glacial. Not tropical.

Summers are hot and humid. Winters are cold and dry. Springs have cherry blossoms and pollution. Fall brings clear skies and colorful foliage.

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