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Survival Korean

Quick tips for reading and speaking Korean.

Traveling Korea by Bike? Should you learn the language? How much do you need to know?

Let’s find out. Then let’s learn some Korean.

Should You Learn?

Should I learn the language? Yes, and no. A little. To survive.

A picture of a Korean classroom.
Learning Korean? Is it nessecary to bike in Korea? A little bit can't hurt.

Beyond Language

Travel to any foreign country and you’ll realize that some things don’t need language. Context communicates 90%.

Walk into a restaurant between 5 and 7. They’ll assume you want dinner. Stroll into a motel past sundown looking ragged. They’ll suppose you want a room.

Fingers show amounts. Gestures replace words.

So should you learn the language? This is the “no” answer. Don’t let your inability to communicate verbally hold you back.

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