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A guide to eating while biking in Korea.
Smoke rising from meat grilling on a charcoal grill and being drawn into a vent above at a samgyeopsal restaurant.

Hungry? Cycling 100 kilometers can do that. Check out our guide to dining while biking in Korea. Learn etiquette and hear the specials, from Korean barbecue to meat on a stick.

Let’s chow down!

Not too long ago, traditional sit-on-the-floor restaurants were your only options. But over the past few decades, your choices tripled along with Korea’s GDP.

Burger and pizza joints hang out at the corner. Chinese takeout lives in the most distant outposts. Gimbap shops and convenience stores serve picnic-ready meals for those on the go.

Let’s look at the menu!

From the food to etiquette, a guide to eating Korean.

Quick domestic and foreign dishes, from black to spicy noodles.

Learn the ins and outs of burgers, pizza, and fast food in Korea.

A guide to the always-open shops full of sugary and salty delights.