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Korean Food

How to find and eat traditional food while biking in Korea.

Where can you get the freshest meal in Korea? Simple. Korean restaurants.

Korea’s fast food and Western-style restaurants serve familiar dishes: burgers, pizza, pasta. But the nation’s limited farmland makes cow and pig bits scarce. Owners often “substitute” ingredients to save a few won (₩).

Want organic and locally sourced? Search for traditional Korean spots. Dine on almighty kimchi, Korean barbecue, and savory noodles in their purest forms.

A picture of noodles cooking in a pot in a restaurant in Korea.
A traditional Korean setup. They'll serve up the side dishes and prepare the pot. You'll cook up the noodles (국수) and meat (고기).

How To Eat

So you plop down on the floor of a Korean restaurant. Take off your helmet and glance at the menu on the wall. Oh, no! Where’s the English? All you see are rows of Hangul (한굴) priced any between ₩6,000 ($5) to ₩50,000 ($42).

₩50,000 for lunch? Don’t worry. We’ll explain.

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