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Western Food

A guide to finding western food while biking in Korea.

Tired of Korean food? Sometimes Koreans are too. While biking, you will cross the famous golden arches or an Italian-inspired restaurant. Inside, comfort food from your homeland awaits.

Check out our map to discover burgers, pasta, or cheese pizza treasures.

The (American) Italians

Casual dining restaurants proliferated when disposable income came to town. No wonder they took off as Korea’s middle class rose.

Just like home, these family-friendly eateries share a similar format: sixty-plus menu items. Lots of soda. And Americanized Italian food. Think Olive Garden in overdrive.

Raracost is a prime example. Their menu is a laminated tome filled with variations on the three “Ps”. Pizza. Pasta. And pilaf.

You can also find salads, and something labeled steak. Don’t expect prime rib, though. Think a thick hamburger patty with steak garnishes.

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