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Emergency Numbers

Who you gonna call… when you have an emergency in Korea? Emergency services!
A picture of a fire truck and ambulance in South Korea.
Need a fire truck or an ambulance? Dial 119. Need police? Press 112.

Life is dangerous. Riding a bike mixes in some peril. Visiting a foreign country plops a menace cherry on top. What do you get? A crisis cocktail.

Let’s sober up.

The government created a list of special phone number books that could fill its own phone book. You only need a few, though.

Here are the essential numbers for bike riding in Korea.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Phone number for emergency services in Korea.
119 Emergency (Fire & Ambulance)

Have an emergency? Need an ambulance? Call 119. This connects you to both the fire department and emergency medical services.

English-speaking operators are available.

Read more on the 119 emergency website.

Phone number for the police department in Korea.
112 Police

Feel unsafe? Stalked by a crazed driver? Call 112 for immediate police response.

English-speaking operators are available.

Search for more info on the 112 police website.

Phone number for medical emergencies in Korea.
1339 Medical Emergencies

Worried about contagious viruses? Call 1339.

This is the number for the Korean Center For Disease Control (KCDC). Korea established the hotline in response to the early 2000s bird flu outbreaks. It became essential during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You’ll find information about the spread of disease and testing site locations. 

Visit their website for more information

Phone number for the foreign traveler hotline Korea.
1330 Foreign Traveler Hotline

Need someone to translate? Call 1330. English-speaking operators are on the line to help, 24/7. 

You can use 1130 in with any other emergency number. Say you need an ambulance, but the local 119 operator doesn’t speak English. Call 1330. They’ll contact a nearby hospital and set up a conference call.

1330 also acts as a tourist hotline. You can get information about tourist attractions, transportation, and restaurants.

Check out their website for more.

Phone number to report missing persons and property in Korea.
182 Missing Persons & Property

Phone number to report missing persons and property in Korea.

Someone stole your bike? Your friend disappeared into the bike path wilderness? Call 182 to report a missing person or stolen property. It’s a non-emergency number to make police inquiries.

Check out their English-language website.

Korea also created a national Lost & Found registry. If you lost or found property, you can search or report it using this website.