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A guide to camping while biking in Korea.

Korea is dense. Among countries with over 6,000 square kilometers of land, it ranks fifth. With all that concrete jungle, you’d think it’d be difficult to get off the beaten track and pitch a tent.

A picture of campgrounds along the Seomjin River in South Korea.
Korea's camgrounds offer stunning views of it's natural treasures.

Wrong! While you’ll always find civilization nearby, hiking and camping are some of Korea’s most beloved pastimes.

All over the country, people of all ages tread steep mountainsides. Along the Nakdong River, glamping tents brighten dark hillsides. Year round every park fills with older folk clad in hiking getups.

You’re in luck if you want to go bikepacking (backpacking by bike)! Stuff your panniers and pack a tent. Let’s explore how to bike and camp in Korea, from reserving a plot to guerrilla camping.

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