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How to get you and your bike to the bicycle paths in Korea.

Biking hundreds of kilometers is the simple part. Getting you and your greasy, cumbersome bicycle on and off the cycling paths? That’s the difficult bit.

Check out our guide to moving around Korea with your bike. Find out about buses, trains, and subways. Learn some dos and don’ts. And get some indispensable resources.

A quick guide to intercity and express buses, from buying tickets to boarding with a bike.

How to ride Korea’s five subway systems with your bike.

A guide to Korea’s trains. Learn which trains allow bikes on board.

Bikes on Transportation

Need to lug your bike around Korea. Let’s look at your transportation options.

  • City buses: No. No. No.
  • Subways: Most allow bikes on weekends and holidays. Some on weekdays!
  • Trains: Select trains allow full-size bikes. All permit folding-bikes.
  • Intercity Buses: Yes. Yes. Yes.
  • Taxis: You want to learn some new curse words? (No.)
  • Car Rental: Find a renter that doesn’t mind scratches. (No.)

Run down the list. You’ll find three practical options: intercity buses, subways, and trains.

The Best Transportation!

In a small city? What’s the quickest mode of transportation? Look down. You’re sitting on it. Because of traffic lights, bikes move just about as fast as cars in town. And, during rush-hour, you’ll outpace gridlock traffic.

Most sidewalks have commuter bike lanes. If pedestrians swarm them, you can hop on the smaller neighborhoods roads. Just slow down at the intersections.

Better yet! Does your city have a stream or river? I guarantee it has a bike path running along it. Like a bike expressway, it flows under bridges and skips intersections and traffic lights.