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How to transport your bike in Korea.

Traveling is an easy equation. Stress plus the unexpected equals a typical trip. Now, multiply that with a foreign country and a large, greasy bike.

I know. You’re thinking, I couldn’t pass trigonometry. Don’t worry! We have the solutions.

Check out our guide to moving around Korea with your bike. We’ll lay out your options and tell you some dos and don’ts. We guarantee a passing grade!

A quick guide to intercity and express buses, from buying tickets to boarding.

Info about Korea’s five subway systems, including how to board with a bike.

Learn how to ride Korea’s rails. Learn which select trains allow full-sized bikes.

Need to lug your bike around Korea. Let’s look at your transportation options.

Bikes on Transportation

Run down the list. You’ll find there are three practical options: intercity buses, subways, and trains. 

For bikers, the most useful transportation is the intercity bus. Let’s explore!

The Best Transportation!

In a smaller city? Look under you. You’re holding the fastest way across town. Hop on your bike. You’ll outpace vehicle traffic.

Most sidewalks have commuter bike lanes. If swarms of pedestrians block your path, dip into a city block and take the city back roads. Just slow down at the intersections.

Better yet, if your city has a river, you’ll often find a bike path on its banks. This is the bike expressway. Flowing under bridges, you’ll skip all the intersections and traffic lights.