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Bus Terminal Listings

A complete list of bus terminals along Korea’s bike paths.

Find a comprehensive list of bus terminals near the bike paths in Korea below.

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Cross-Country Routes icon.

Cross-Country Route

Ara Bicycle Path

아라자 전거길
(2 Terminals)

Hangang Bicycle Path

(10 Terminals)

Saejae Bicycle Path

새재 자전거길
(3 Terminals)

Nakdonggang Bicycle Path

낙동강 자전거길​
(15 Terminals)
Korean East Coast Bicycle Route icon.

East Coast Route

Gyeongbuk Bicycle Path

동해안자전거길 (경북)
(5 Terminals)

Gangwon Bicycle Path

동해안자전거길 (강원)
(13 Terminals)
Western Routes bicycle path logo.

Western Routes

Ocheon Bicycle Path

오천 자전거길
(9 Terminals)

Geumgang Bicycle Path

금강 자전거길
(8 Terminals)

Seomjingang Bicycle Path

섬진강 자전거길
(8 Terminals)

Yeongsangang​ Bicycle Path

영산강 자전거길
(9 Terminals)
Jeju & More Routes logo.

Jeju & More Routes

Jeju Fantasy Bicycle Path

(2 Terminals)

Bukhangang Bicycle Path

북한강 자전거길
(3 Terminals)

More Bike Paths

(2 Terminals)

Pohang (포항)