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How to ride Korea’s subways with a bike.

Korea has eight metropolitan cities — major urban districts independent from provincial control. Of those, six operate subway (metro) systems.

A picture of the inside of a subway in Seoul, South Korea.
Riding one of Korea's subways with your bike on the weekend or holidays? That's allowed! Just keep to the front or rear train cars.

Seoul and Busan and hold the largest two subway systems. Their below-ground and above-ground network extend beyond their city limits.

Seoul’s metro system runs 23 lines that blanket Seoul and reach deep into Gyeonggi (경기도; map), the province that surrounds the capital. Busan’s trains connect its sprawling districts and outlying cities.

Smaller metropolitan cities have fewer subway lines. Daegu has three lines. Incheon claims two. And both Daejeon and Gwangju have only one line.

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