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Learn about bicycles on Korea’s trains.

Korea built a topnotch train system over the last half-century. Along with conventional trains, it developed a high-speed rail network that zooms passengers up and down the peninsula.

In the past, a friendly attitude could get you and your bike on board any of Korea’s trains. But nowadays most conductors turn cyclists and their bikes away.

Let’s explore which trains in Korea allow full-sized bikes (road, MTB, hybrid) on board.

The KTX and SRT are not only the fastest train in Korea, they're the quickest cross-country transport.

The Trains of Korea

Five types of trains roll on Korea’s railroad tracks.

Most trains allow bikes. But the vast majority only permit folding-bicycles. You might spot one of these bikes compacted and tucked into the luggage compartment, away from fussy passengers.

Do you ride a full-sized bike? Want to take a train? You still have options!

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