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      Good morning cyclists

      We are planning on doing the Incheon to Busan ride in September at about 80-90 km per day at touring speed as we’ll be on our fully loaded tandem. Staying in small hotels/ motels along the way. Any suggestions for these greatly appreciated.

      I wonder if we’ll be the first tandem completing this ride 🤔


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        Hi, did mine last Oct doing 70-80 km/day and we took 10 nights for the trip. Stayed at hotels all the way. No issue. Other than Gumi, rest of hotels can be found pretty along the track. Should be a breeze. Logistics were great.


          So you didn’t book your hotel ahead of time. You just arrived and found accommodation every evening?


            Hi there. We’re doing the same route, starting riding 1 October. Our plan looks like this. The hotels are not booked, just look OK on Kakao, and we are only going to stay in places where there are more than one hotel :-), just in case. And no, you’re not the first tandem, these guys from here in Australia have done it – https://www.williamson.bike/korea2.php.

            Day 1 – Seoul – Hotel to Ara West Gate Certification Centre and return
            Day 2 – VIP Hotel – 56, Yanggeungangbyeon-gil, Yangpyeong-eup
            Day 3 – Eden Hills Hotel – 14, Neungdong 3-gil, Angseong-myeon
            Day 4 -Ace Motel – 24 Yeomok-ro, Mungyeong-eup
            REST DAY
            Day 5 – Riverside House – 64-6 Gangjeong 4-gil, Goa-eup
            Day 6 – Elegance Hotel – 196, Hyeonpungdong-ro, Hyeonpung-eup
            Day 7 – Adelia Motel – 556, Nakdong-ro, Namji-eup,
            Day 8 – Idea Hotel – 9 Beodeul-gil, Mulgeum-eup
            Day 9 – Busan via Certification Centre

            We’re then going to ride the whole of the east coast from Busan up to Goseong, then cross country back to Seoul. Only tricky part I can see will be the day we head out of Busan …….


              Just arrived in Busan. Didn’t pre book but had scoped out on Kakao earlier. Will post reviews when back home but all good.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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