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Bicycle Path

Conquer a day-long course to Chuncheon City.

A short cycling trip north of Seoul brings romance and railroads.

The Bukhangang Bicycle Path (북한강 자전거길; map) follows the North Han River (북한강; Bukhangang; map), the upper branch of the Han River (map).

The cycling course branches off from the Hangang Bicycle Path east of Seoul and travels 70 kilometers northwest to Chuncheon City (춘천시; map). It rides along a decommissioned rail line, passing valleys, bridges, and green blanketed hillsides.

The Stats
Chuncheon City
← 70 km →
4 hours
Namyangju City
Bukhangang Bicycle Path Map
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A quick jaunt from Korea’s romantic city to a Seoul satellite city along an old rail line. 

Learn about the Bukhan (North Han) River.

Discover the top highlights along the Bukhangang Bicycle Path.

A quick jaunt from Korea’s romantic city to a Seoul satellite along an old rail line.

Bike Path Overview

The path from Chuncheon, Korea’s romantic city, rolls around a lake and follows a tourist train through tree adorned valleys and the North Han river.


The Bukhangang Bike Path travels through two provinces, and three cities and counties. Peruse brief profiles of each.

  • Gangwon Province (강원도), Korea’s second largest and one of two bordering North Korea, hosts the nation’s recreational retreats. With forests and powder blanketed mountains in the west, and an expansive coastline in the east, the province boasts two famous seaside cities. Oh, and it hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.
    • Chuncheon City (춘천시; a.k.a. Romantic Chuncheon) is the capital of Gangwon Province. In the past, it collected and stored goods sailing down the North Han River for the capital. Today, a series of natural and artificial lakes created by dams surround Chuncheon, with Uiam Lake bordering the downtown area. Many couples and families escape Seoul for weekend excursions, seeking the K-drama enshrined Nami Island or Korea’s new LegoLand.


There are four certification centers on the Bukhangang Bicycle Path.

Collect all stamps and receive the Bukhangang Bike Path certification. The route counts towards the Grand Slam certification. It is not a part of the Cross-Country certification.

Certification Centers

Here is a complete list of certification centers on the Bukhangang Bike Path.

  1. Sinmae Bridge (신매대교 인증센터; map)
  2. Kyunggang Bridge (경강교 인증센터; map)
  3. Saeteo Samgeori (샛터삼거리 인증센터; map)
  4. Balgeun Gwangjang (밝은광장 인증센터; map)

How To Get There

The Bukhangang Bike Path collides with the Hangang Path near Seoul. The mega-city’s extensive transportation tentacles give cyclists two terrific options to hop on and off the North Han River’s bike path:


Lugging around a full-size bike? Intercity buses are the transportation option in Korea… most of the time. On the Bukhangang Bike Path, trains have a slight advantage.

Two train lines offer the closest entry and exit points to the cycling route’s start and finish lines.

Intercity Bus

Not riding on the weekend or holiday? Can’t book train tickets? Intercity buses offer anytime, on-the-spot access to the Bukhangang Bike Path for you and your bike.

Though farther than rail stations, intercity terminals lie close to the cycling route’s start, end, and middle sections.