Korea by Bike Title
A guide to riding a bike in South Korea.
A picture of a bike and small island near the city of Sokcho in Korea.

How do you want to experience Korea?

On the bike, you can smell the air. Go at your own pace. Watch the streams turn to rivers, hills to mountains.

South Korea provides you with a unique opportunity. Fifty-million people live in a nation the size of Indiana. Such a strong tax base allowed the government to create a network of bike paths.

How much bike path? A thousand-plus kilometers, traveling north, south, east, west.

Looking for an afternoon excursion? How about a week-long adventure? Korea by Bike will guide you through rocky coastlines, bamboo forests, and mountaintop views.

Let’s pedal ahead!

Korean Bicycle Path Map Routes

From Seoul (서울) to Busan (부산), down four major rivers and along rocky coasts, you’ll find detailed breakdowns of all the bike paths in Korea.

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Where do I eat and sleep? How can I get around? What should I know about Korea? We'll explain this and more.

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Certification? Bike Passport? Stamp booth? What? Certification explains Korea's countrywide Bike Certification System.


Korea by Bike details all the major bike paths in Korea. You’ll follow the four major rivers, traverse a few mountains, and feel the ocean spray along the east coast. 

If you read our city-to-city breakdowns, you won’t worry about missing anything. We list all the major sights and give you valuable context, so you know what you’re riding passed.

Cross-Country Routes icon.

Ride through the heartland of Korea, from Incheon to Busan.

Korean East Coast Bicycle Route icon.

Discover beaches and crashing waves on Korea's east coast.

Western Routes bicycle path logo.

Find historic towns along western Korea’s rivers and plains.

Jeju & More Routes logo.

Explore Jeju Island and more bike paths around Korea.


Tips! helps with all the necessities of traveling by bike. Where do I eat? Where do I lay my head? When should I ride? We’ll give you all the options and make suggestions. Look no further.

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A rundown of Korea’s four distinct seasons.

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How to get to Korea’s bike paths with your bike.

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Where to sleep while biking in Korea.

Eating Logo

A menu of popular Korean dishes and more.

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All about bikes, from bike types to preparing for a long trip.

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How to stay safe while exploring Korea by bike.

Korea wants to play a game. What game? A country-wide treasure hunt.

Collect all the stamps along a bike path and get a spiffy certificate of completion. Complete a course and buy yourself an Olympic style medal to make your friends jealous.

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A guide to Korea’s bike certification system. Find out how to buy and fill up your Bike Passport.

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A complete list of checkpoints (red stamp booths) along Korea’s bike paths.

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Maps for all of Korea’s bike paths, checkpoints and sights along the way.

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A guide to using the mobile Bike Passport app.