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Train Booking

Want to bring your bike on the trains in Korea? Book a ticket!

Want to ride the rails with your full-size bike in Korea? You can’t just arrive at the train station and buy a ticket. All trains require you to book a bicycle seat in advance.

How do you do that? You’ve come to the right place.

You have two options:

The KTX, Korea's premiere high-speed train, travels throughout Korea, from Seoul, to Busan, to Mokpo.

Korail is the government-run railway corporation in Korea. While there are other private train operators, Korail manages the ITX, Mugunghwa, and KTX classes of trains.

SRT, or Super Rapid Transit, is a private railway operator. They run high-speed trains similar to the KTX and use the same rail lines.

Thoughts & Requirements

Consider these five points before reading on. A few may prevent you from booking a bicycle seat using the app or website.

  1. You must reserve a bicycle seat in advance to ride the train with a full-size bike (You can ride with a folding bicycle anytime with any ticket or train). The bicycle seat ticket includes a seat in the normal car and a reserved bicycle cradle in the 4th car.
  2. There are only five bicycle seats per Mugunghwa train and eight bike seats for every ITX-Cheongchun train.
  3. Mugunghwa trains are old. Korail often decommissions them. So schedules change all the time. Even our train timetables may be obsolete.
  4. You must use the Korean-language settings on both Korail’s app and website to book bicycle seats. You can’t book bike seats using the English-language setting.
  5. The Korean-language app and website require:
    1. A Korean Resident Registration Number (RNN; 주민등록번호) or an Alien Registration Card (ARC) number.
    2. A domestic phone number.
    3. A domestic debit or credit card.

The English-language app and website will let you book your ticket without these requirements. Just enter your name, email, and international credit card. However, it won’t let you pick a bicycle seat. (No bike seat = no train ride.)

Have an ARC, Korean phone number, and domestic debit or credit card? Proceed to the smartphone app and website guides!

Oh, you don’t? You still have options:

  1. Use Korail’s app or our timetables to find a train with bike seats. Then give Customer Service a call: 82-1599-7777. Helpful staff may help you book a ticket.
  2. Make a Korean friend.

Head to an intercity bus station!

Korail App

The Korail app lets you find and book almost every type of train in Korea: KTX, ITX, Mugunghwa. Let’s take chug through the app and explore its features.

Before we begin, you need to use the Korean-language settings to book bicycle seats. The English language app won’t let you select your seat.

Oh! And you’ll need a:

  • Korean phone number.
  • Korean credit or debit card.
  • Resident or Alien Registration number.

Home Screen

Korail App Home Screen
Korail’s homescreen has an intuitive design. Black circle: one way trip. Gray circle: round trip. Blue circle: rail line map. Orange circle: travel date. Yellow circle: passenger type. Black circle: train inquiry.

Korail’s app designers created an intuitive home screen. 

The very top of the screen shows two tabs:

  • 편도 (black circle) — one-way
  • 왕복 (gray circle) — round trip

Below the top tabs, find 출발 (departure; red circle) and 도착 (arrival; green circle). Tap each and select your departure and arrival cities.

Tap the white button that reads “KTX역 선택지도” (blue circle) just below. It’ll reveal maps of Korea’s major rail lines.

The shaded section titled 출발일 (orange circle) displays your departure date.

Last, “승객 연령 및 좌석수” (yellow circle) lets you choose the passenger ticket type:

  • 어른 (만 13 세 이상) — adult (ages 13 or older)
  • 어린이 (만 6-12 세) — child (ages 6~12)
  • 유아 (만 6 세 미만) — infant (under 6 years-old)
  • 경로 (만 65 세 이상) — seniors (ages 65 years or older)
  • 중증 장애인 경증 장애인 — disabled

Pound the “열차 조회하기” button (black circle) once you enter all your info and head over to the Train Selection Screen.

Map Screen

Korail App Map Screen
Korail’s app lets you choose your departure (출발) and arrival stations (도착) directly on a map. The blue circle highlights country’s rail lines. Tap one and see its path through Korea.

Wait! Before we choose a train, let’s explore the Map Screen.

From the home screen, punch the “KTX역 선택지도” (KTX Station Selection Map) button.

A helpful map of Korea pops up. It lists all the major rail lines running through Korea, except for the Gyeongchun (경춘선) and Gyeongbuk (경북선), and S-Train (남도해양관광열차) Lines.

Tap any of the rail line buttons (blue circle). They’ll line’s path through the country.

They read:

This map isn’t just a fancy graphic! You can pick your departure and arrival stations on the map.

  • Click on any station.
  • A dark gray box will pop up (green circle).
  • Choose “출발” for departure.
  • Choose “도착” for arrival.

Now press “확인” (confirm) at the bottom of the screen. It’ll send you back to the home screen with the stations you selected.

Train Selection

Train Selection Screen
This screen on the Korail app lets you select a train. Blue circle: train class. Red circle: seating option (choose “자전거” for bicycle seat). Yellow circle: seat selection screen. Green circle: reserve ticket.

Here comes the fun part: finding a train with bicycle seats.

The app provides two simple tools to help you find a train fast.

Before you begin, however, make sure you choose a line equipped with bike-friendly trains. You can reference our train timetables. We list the lines and train stations that accommodate full-sized bikes.

Back on the “train selection” screen, tap the first drop-down box (blue circle). It’ll reveal a list of train types:

Going to Chuncheon City (춘천시)? Choose ITX-청춘 (ITX-Cheongchun).

Going anywhere else, choose 무궁화 (Mugunghwa; blue circle). Mugunghwa trains are one of the few trains in Korea that allow full-sized bikes.

Next tap the second drop-down box (red circle) to find a list of seating options:

  • 일반석 — economy class
  • 2층석 — 2nd floor seats (only available for ITX-Cheongchun trains)
  • 유아동반 — people with infants
  • 휠체어석 — wheelchair seat
  • 전동휠체어석 — electric wheelchair seat
  • 자전거 — bicycle seat
  • 대피도우미 — evacuation assistant (helps crew during emergency)

You must choose “자전거” to book a bicycle seat. If you don’t select the option, you can’t select a bicycle seat on the seating map.

Once you pick “자전거,” the app narrows the listings. The trains with bicycle seats have fares under the “일반실” column.

Now choose a train and press “좌석선택” (yellow circle). It’ll shoot you over to the Seat Selection Screen.

Seat Selection Screen

Korail App Seat Selection Screen
The Korail app’s seat selection screen lets you choose a bicycle seat. Tap one of the white seats with bike icon (red circle). Then hit “선택 좌석” (seat selection; green circle).

Spot the drop-down box (blue circle) at the top of the Seat Selection Screen. It displays the train car and seat type.

The example screenshot shows:

  • 3호차 (5석) — Car No. 3 (5 seats)
  • 휠체어석 / 전동휠체어석 / 자전거거치대 — wheelchair seat / electric wheelchair seat / bicycle seat & rack

Normally you can tap the box and select a different train car. However, because you’re searching for bicycle seats, the app limits your choices to only the cars with bike seats. Here, car number 3.

Scroll down the seating map. Almost all the seats are grayed-out. All seats except a few white ones with bicycle icons.

Yep! Those five at the bottom are the only bike seats on the train.

Choose one. Hit “선택 좌석” (seat selection).

The app will send you back to the “Train Selection Screen.” Once there, press “예매” (reservation; green circle) at the bottom of the screen.

Login Screen

Korail App Login Screen
If you’re a Korail member, select one of the tabs on top of the login screen. Blue circle: member number login. Green circle: email login. Red circle: phone number login. Not a member? Tap “비회원” at the bottom (black circle).

Ah, the “”로그인” (login) screen. Where the wheels meet the tracks!

Are you a Korail member? Yes! Choose one of the top three tabs:

  • 회원 번호 — membership number login
  • 이메일 주소 — email login
  • 휴대폰 번호 — phone number login

Forgot your membership details? Want to sign up? Click either:

  • 회원번호 찾기 — forget user ID
  • 비밀번호 찾기 — forgot password
  • 회원 가입 — sign up

Not a member? Don’t want to join? Tap “비회원” (non-member; black circle).

Personal & Payment Details

The next few screens will ask you to enter some basic info and payment information.

Remember, you’ll need the following to pay for tickets on the Korean-language website or app:

  • 이름 — Name (English and the name dialogue box don’t mix well. Enter either your given or family name, or a Hangulized version of your name. Thomas → 토마스.)
  • 전화번호 — Domestic Korean phone number.
  • 비밀번호 — Temporary five-digit password.

Choose between “간편결제” (easy payment; i.e. Naver Pay or Kakao Pay) or “카드결제” (credit or debit card).

If you choose to pay with a card, enter the following details:

  • 카드번호 — card number
  • 유효기간 — card expiration date
  • 비밀번호 — card password
  • 카드종류 — select the card type: “개인” (personal) or “법인” (business)
  • 인증 번호 — enter the first six digits (주민번호 앞6자리) of your Resident Registration (RRN) or Alien Registration (ARC) number.

You can download a ticket to your app or print one at the train station after paying.

Don’t have a domestic card and registration number? Call the Customer Service at 82-1599-7777. Or just take a bus!

Korail Website

Like the app, Korail’s website lets you book a bicycle seat using its Korean-language settings. All you need is a Korean registration number, and a domestic phone number and card.

The website’s English-language settings let you buy tickets with just a name, email, and international card. However, you can’t reserve a bicycle seat. (No bike seat, no full-size bike.)

No Right-Click

Korail’s website forbids right-clicking. This improves the site’s security. But it prevents you from using a translating plugin, like Google Translate.

There’s a workaround, though.

There are three workarounds, though:

  1. Copy and paste Korail’s URL into Google’s or Papago’s web translator. They’ll translate the text not into English, excluding dialogue boxes and images.
  2. Install Google Translate (Google PlayApp Store) or Papago’s (Google PlayApp Store) apps on your smartphone. Use their camera/image translators to translate text.
  3. Use the website guide below.

Home Screen

Korail’s Korean-language Home Screen offers a smorgasbord of features not present in its bare-bones English-language sister. Let’s dig in!

Korail Website Home Screen
Korail's stuffs their Korean-language site with options. Let's make it simple. Tap "승차권" (Ticket Reservation), the leftmost button on the top menu (green box). Don't fret about the other junk!

The top menu bar (green box) includes links to:

  • 승차권 — Ticket Reservation
  • 관광열차 — Tourist Train (slower, more expensive train; not for commuting)
  • 자유여행 — Free Traveling (rail pass; similar to the Korail Pass)
  • 여행상품 — Package Tours (which may include a set route, hotel, & more)
  • 종합아용안내 — General Child Care Information
  • 기차역정보/노선도 — Train Station Info / Rail Map
    • The website’s map is like the app’s Map Screen. However, you can’t select and book your departure and arrival stations.

The group of search boxes (blue box) just below the top menu let you search for trains. They read:

  • 출발역 — departure station
  • 도착역 — arrival station
  • 출발일 — departure date
  • 시간 — departure time
  • 인원 — number of passengers.

Six icons (red box) below the search boxes offer quick links to the following services:

  • 관광열차 (train icon) — Tourist Train
  • 자유여행 (map icon) — Free Traveling
  • 렌터카 (car icon)  — Rental Car
  • 자유여행패스 (ticket icon)  — Free Travel Pass
  • 회의실 (chart icon) — Meeting Room Reservation
  • 레일텔 (hotel icon)  — Rail-tel (rail + motel; accommodations near rail lines)

Let’s simplify this jumble of info. You’re here to book a bicycle seat. So click “승차권” (Ticket Reservation) on the top menu bar.

Ticket Reservation Screen

The Ticket Reservation Screen. So many drop-down boxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons!

Don’t worry! We’ll give you the tour!

Korail Website Train Selection Screen
Korail Reservation Screen. Orange box: passenger type selection. Pink box: seat type selection. Black circle: 자전거거치대 (bicycle cradle; the one option you must pick) Blue box: train selection. Yellow box: departure/arrival stations and travel dates. Red box: column listing trains with bicycle seats. Green box: icon showing bicycle seats available.

Passenger Type

Start by glancing at the top-left box (orange square). It holds two columns, each with drop-down boxes. 

The first column, labeled “인원정보,” lets you choose the passenger type.

  • 어른 1면 — adult ticket with one ticket (1면) selected
  • 만 6세~12세 — ages 6~12
  • 만 6세 미만 — under 6-years-old
  • 만 65세이상 — 65-years or older

The second column of drop-down boxes, titled “장애정도,” helps you purchase tickets for people with severe (중증) or mild (경증) disabilities.

Seat Type

Now find the three drop-down boxes under Passenger Type with the heading “좌석종류선택” (Select Seat Type; pink box).

You can pick your seat’s general attributes with the first and second drop-down boxes, including window seat (창측좌석), reverse facing seat (역방향석), and more.

Muguhwanga or ITX-Chuncheon trains have between five to eight bicycle seats in fixed locations. So don’t fidget with these options. They won’t affect your seating choice.

However, you must use choose 자전거거치대 (bicycle cradle), the last option on the third drop-down box (black circle). The website prevents you from booking a bicycle seat if you don’t.

Train Type

Head over to the top-right box (blue box). These radio buttons help specify your desired train class. The options include:

Heading to Chuncheon? Then press the “ITX-청춘” (ITX-Cheongchun) button.

Want to go anywhere else with a full-size bike? Hit “무궁화호 / 누리로” (Mugunghwa / Nuriro).

Stations and Dates

Under the Train Type buttons, spy a gaggle of boxes and buttons (yellow box). These let you enter your departure and arrival stations and travel dates.

They read:

  • 여정경로 — route
    • 직통 — direct
    • 인접역포함 — include adjacent stations 
    • 환승 — transfer
    • 왕복 — round trip
  • 출발역 — departure station
  • 도착역 — arrival station
  • 출발일 — departure date and time

To select a departure or arrival station, press the blue button labeled “초회” next to the dialogue box. A separate window will appear. It lists all of Korea’s available train stations.

All your travel info entered? Good! Tap blue button titled “초회하기.”

Train Listings

Voilà! Up pop a table of trains. The listings with green and pink buttons: they have bicycle seats!

But before we book, let’s plow through the column labels:

  • 구분 — division: direct (직통) or transfer (환승) 
  • 열차 번호 — train number
  • 출발 — departure station and time
  • 도착 — arrival station and time
  • 자전거 특실 — bicycle room
  • 자전거 일반실 — bicycle compartment
  • 자유석 — reserved seat
  • 인터넷특가 (멤버십 혜택) — special internet pricing (membership benefits)
  • 예약 대기 — reservation waiting list
  • 정차역 (경유) — stop station (transfer)
  • 차량유형 / 편성정보 — vehicle type / organization info
  • 운임 요금 — fare rate
  • 소요 시간 — total travel time

Look at the column titled “차량유형 / 편성정보.” The icons in each listing describe each train’s facilities: dining car (coffee cup icon), electric scooter seats, and bicycle cradles.

Next, scroll down the “자전거 일반실” (bicycle compartment; red box). Trains with bicycle seats have two buttons:

  • 예매 — reserve (green button)
  • 좌석선택 — seat selection (pink button)
    • <small>The orange button labeled “매진” shows the train’s bicycle seats are sold out.</small>

To pick a bike seat, tap “좌석선택” (seat selection), the pink button.

Seat Selection Screen

The Seat Selection Screen pops up over the Ticket Reservation Screen. It displays a seating chart with gray and green seat icons.

Korail Website Seat Selection Screen
The Korail website's seat selection screen let's passengers pick a bicycle seat. Blue circle: train car number. Green circle: toggle between seat number and seat attribute view. Red circle: bicycle seats available for booking.
  • Gray seats are unavailable for reservation (예매불가).
  • Green seats are forward facing and available for reservation (예매 가능 (순방향)).
  • Blue seats are reverse facing and available for reservation (예매 가능 (역방향))

If you selected the “자전거거치대” (bicycle cradle) option when choosing your Seat Type, you’ll see majority gray seats with a few greens clustered together (red circle).

These green seats are the only bicycle seats available on the train.

The blue button seating chart that reads (3호차; blue circle) lets you select the train car. (You can’t change cars because no other train car holds bike seats.)

Want to confirm that your choice is a bicycle seat? Tap the second tab (좌석속성; seat attribute; green circle) above the seating chart. Bike icons will pop-up in the green seats, replacing seat numbers (좌석번호).

With your seat picked, click the blue button that reads “선택좌석예약하기” (reserve the seat). It’ll send you back to the Ticket Reservation Screen.

Now tap the blue button labeled “다음” (next) to scoot over to the login and payment screens.

Login Screen

Welcome to the website’s Login Screen. To pay for your train tickets you must login or continue as an unregistered member.

Korail Website Login Screen
Choose one of three options to login if you are a Korail member (red circle): ID number, email, or phone number. Not a member? Click black box labeled “미등록고객예매” (blue circle).

Oh, you are a member! Then select one of the top three buttons (red circle) in the box titled “코레일 멤버십 로그인” (Korail Membership Login).

  • 멤버십번호 로그인 — membership number login
  • 이메일 아이디 로그인 — email ID login
  • 휴대전화번호 로그인 — mobile phone number login

Not a member. Click the top black box labeled “미등록고객예매” (non-member reservation) on the right (blue circle).

The next couple of screens will ask for personal and payment details similar to the Korail app.